Years after Ferguson, bonding out mass arrests still same hot mess in St. Louis City

The St. Louis City bond system ups the already stressful task to locate and bail loved ones in custody. This either intentionally onerous &/or negligently oppressive process adds another layer of injustice.

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Happiness is calling out public sexist entitlement

“Not today, buddy. Not on my watch. Now, get the fuck out of here and take your place at the back of the line where you belong.” The “douchebag” being implied by my judgy demeanor, of course. He skulked back from whence he came, never to be seen by us again.

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No equal justice for black and white murder victims

Funeral memory t-shirts were as rare as violence in white, wealthy neighborhoods. In poor, urban communities, the shirts underscored the anonymity of brutality, so relentlessly commonplace.

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White people: we created Trump

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I’m finally getting over my Trump rally hate hangover

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Racial profiling alive and well in St. Louis

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