Crash Course in Cancer Treatment

One nugget I forgot to mention in my last post (Let’s blame my friend, Percocet) was that I knew we were not as poor off as the elderly patient recovering from eye surgery across from me in the post-op surgical area in Pod 5. As I slowly gained consciousness in my recovery bed after surgery, I had little else to do but to listen to the conversation of the sixty something year old sisters trying to help their mother who apparently lived in an assisted living center in a small town outside St. Louis. The sisters were talking about staying at the hotel next to the hospital where family members conveniently stayed while their loved ones hung out at the hospital for various and sundry procedures, surgeries, appointments, etc.

You Can Still Be Snarky When Convalescing

When the sisters (who reminded me of the wealthy sisters from “The Waltons”) mentioned that they were looking forward to eating at the chain restaurant Applebee’s for dinner that night, I was again thankful that no one from my family would ever willingly take me there. That’s just cruel. Applebee’s is someplace you end up. You don’t go there. Friends don’t let friends end up at Applebee’s. Surgery is hard enough.