Onion goggles: don’t leave home without them.

I wondered if I had potentially fatal disease whether roses would indeed smell sweeter, smiles and kisses from my children seem more precious, confiding in a close friend seem more important. I think the short answer is yes. Honestly, life could not be much better than now.Tuesday I spent all day by myself cooking. I love cooking. I made oatmeal carrot cookies (no, they are not healthy), chex mix (you have to use bugels), mashed potato casserole (thank you, Pioneer Woman and my dear friend Diane), an enormous pan of pecan squares (better than pecan pie if you ask me), hummus (the pilgrims ate hummus, didn’t they?). I listened to Gogol Bordello (gypsy punk if you are uninitiated) loud and wore swim goggles when I chopped onions. (Hint from friend Maya who watched onions wreck me while cutting them). Just want you to have the proper visual.Our best buds from San Francisco, Don and husband Kyle, are staying for the long Thanksgiving weekend. There could not possibly be a better or more welcome distraction than spending time with them and my husband and children. Zettl Photographers are taking our family photo to commemorate the occasion. Lots for which to be thankful.onion goggles