Please! Stop the Pink wash!

When I get on the other side of this deal, I need to come up with a better phrase than “cancer survivor” which has become beyond cliche. It reminds me of things that are now being packaged in pink that shouldn’t be, like cat food or condoms. Just say no to pink rubbers. I saw pink packaged nectarines in Sam’s the other day and the rebel in me forced me to buy the nectarines in the normal packaging. I recognize this as a character flaw and mildly anti-social. Don’t misunderstand me. I am obviously a proponent of money for cancer research. Lots of it. It’s just that it has become such big business that it’s hard to swallow at times. Like lemon water upon my arrival at the hospital. Or a whole nectarine. And it doesn’t taste any better than the one in purple packaging.

Stop the Pink Wash- Purple Instead?

stop the pink wash

Purple is an important color to me as well because it’s the official color of epilepsy which is what my son has. Purple is also the color of ADHD, another diagnosis for my son. Or the autism puzzle piece which some are trying to turn blue, which my son also has. Sometimes I think my household is single-handedly trying to acquire as many ribbon color allegiances as possible. Now pink. Is there a color for insanity? Or for cynicism? Or inappropriate language choice? There are a lot of worthy causes out there, and some have better paid lobbyists. And I sort of apologize for the cursing. It occurs to me it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just can’t help myself. I am going by the assumption that you accept that I’m Wonder Woman in the grocery line and you’ll forgive my coarse language because I have lady cancer, for f*ck’s sake.Then there is the other side of the pink coin. I don’t want to think of cancer when I’m looking at bulk nectarines or 50 ounce bags of broccoli or four pounds of granola bars. I realize this may change when I’m not walking around with a tumor in my breasticle.
Many have mentioned to me that the show Parenthoodhas a character with Asperger’s Syndrome. I take this on faith because I’ve never seen the show. I’m sure it is a fine show, but I am uninterested in viewing it myself because I have an up close experience with autism. There is a lot of reality at my house, and it’s wonderful. I appreciate that the show is introducing a character that viewers would otherwise not learn to appreciate. For me, though, I’d rather watch Star Trek episodes and suspend reality entirely for an hour. No plans to watch Love Story over the weekend either. Actually, that might make me giggle. I am so much hotter than Ali McGraw’s Jennifer Cavilleri. In my dreams, anyway.