Day 8. Of our Family Road Tripping Adventure

What would family road tripping be without the most boring topography of the entire United States? Eastern Colorado is pretty lame too. Some might argue that the most boring topography is not Kansas, but they would be wrong. There are probably lovely places to see in Kansas, but we simply didn’t see any evidence. So. Flat. So. Devoid.

Text Log Day 8

We drove thru western Kansas. All day. No trees. No shrubbery. No grade changes. Scant animal life. At least in Wyoming i got to watch out for 3 ft extended side mirrors on escolade-esque pickup trucks n the errant el camino but nothing so intriguing as that in Kansas did we see. Was like post apocalypse but w/ potty breaks n car picnics. Everything has rotted n my cooler n my half drunk bottle of scotch tragically fell off a hotel cart in Idaho. Super 8 in Lawrence is a smoke saturated crap hole but we r n the home stretch! Kids don’t understand why we aren’t home yet, and on day 8, I must say I can’t blame them. Well, I can blame them, but I did this to myself and to us.