I have done it! I’ve taken my three kids on a midwest family road trip by myself! I’m not sure why I keep using exclamation marks, but it seems like I should! This seems exciting!
Midwest Family Road Trip Final Day/The final stats:
Eight nights. Nine days. Seven hotels. Three-thousand, four-hundred fifty miles. Nine states. Twelve gas stops. One adult. Three children. No bleeding, emergency clinic visits or frantic Triple A calls. No calls back to home begging husband to pick us up in Idaho. Didn’t succumb to eating at McDonald’s entire trip. Not once! Only one ten minute unintended detour in MN. And I was never lost, just not going where I intended. No lost or screwed up hotel reservations. No inadvertent stays in a smoking hotel room. Never misplaced keys or locked them in a running car. No left-behind personables, blankets, sunglasses, shoes, people, cell phones, electronics or shake-weights. Less than a half dozen emergency potty breaks. No jail time or warrants for arrest. No speeding or traffic tickets. No food poisoning or allergic reactions. Perfected “snap discipline” from front seat w/ silence ensuing after furious parent finger snapping. Everyone still speaking to each other.
Contemplating doing another road trip in the future, once the PTSD wears off, and Katy Perry songs aren’t tormenting my every waking moment.