Midwest Family Road Trip Text Log Day 7

I’m not sure whether road trips were ever very fun for anyone in the 1970’s when I was apt to have lived through one, but I’m really trying to make ours memorable. At least the kids don’t have any adults arguing with each other or getting mad at each other because the front seat passenger is a shitty navigator who can’t read road signs or think ahead. I’m not chain-smoking Virginia Slim Lights with the window cracked one-quarter of an inch either, or driving with a roadie beer.

Texting a Midwest Family Road Trip Adventure

Urban combat is more stressful than rural. Managing gaggle on downtown Denver streets is like leading deaf blind pedestrian midgets on an expressway. At night. Or perhaps it’s just day 7 (It occurs to me I hv only myself to blame for length n scope of this trip). Curtis Hotel very cool n nice dinner. Wait staff grimace when i show up w/ 3 kids but I tip well. I would pay a stranger $50 to watch kids for an hr so I cld work out. Dreading drive thru KS tmro but happy to continue heading east.  Day n 1/2 left.