Cancer Awareness

Several loyal followers to the blog have told me that they have gone to their doctors to have suspicious lumps investigated and scheduled overdue mammograms. It is an honor to provide a public service so folks can catch something early if there’s something to catch. I was trying to figure out how to provide the same motivating force for men to get vasectimized when circumstances arise. (sorry- bad use of the word “force” in the same sentence with “vasectomy” and no comment about the word “circumstances” in conjunction with another discussion about balls. And then I added the word “arise”. That’s like three double entendres in one sentence! I’m probably the only pervert on the internet who snickers at such things. It’s the same personality trait that makes me love South Park.)

cancer awareness

Cancer Awareness: Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!

But I digress. If a malignant tumor is what scared folks straight into the arms of their doctors to get checked out, I tried to think of what similar tactic would work so significant others who have the ability to take responsibility for birth control in their relationship to actually do so. And then I realized the answer was right in front of me the whole time. Like Dorothy realizing there’s no place like home. It’s the very same thing that motivated my brave husband: come spend an afternoon with my kids! They will browbeat you into submission! I spent an hour with my son this morning working through a tantrum revolving around him putting on his own shirt. He’s eight. Their favorite form of communication is grunting, which is such a delight for a mother to hear. Never going to the restroom by yourself. Questions assaulting you from every direction during all waking hours! You could have your own naked day in the park and then you’d go straight to the urologist!

We have a long weekend with school closed on Friday the 13th and then tomorrow. I am not ashamed to admit that when my buddy Darby, of Laughing Penguins Photography fame (she took many of the photos on the blog), asked for help for a bridal show today, I seized the opportunity to not hang out with my children for five hours. If that makes me a bad mother, then it feels good to be bad!