Breast cancer routine check-ups

It feels so strange to park at The Hospital. It’s like going to your high school a few years after graduation. You feel totally at home and completely like a fish out of water at the same time. I parked between two Easter frosting-colored sedans. Just like old times being with the Old Farts. Routine six month breast MRI. My boobs have been a little forlorn without all the attention, so this should be just what the doctor ordered to cheer them up.
I forgot that an MRI is a little more involved than just a check-up. They have to inject you with dye so they set an I.V. It’s no big thing, but still involves taking off your clothes, waiting rooms, locker keys and waiting. I’m so out-of-practice of being in the hospital and hanging out in hospital waiting rooms that I forgot a book. The Techs didn’t even have to admonish me to quit breathing during the scan because I’m such an old pro. When I was in the MRI machine, I pretended to be on a mission with 007. The only way to avoid detection by smartly-dressed Euro-terrorists was to play dead.

breast cancer routine check-ups