Tough Choices in Life

Like you, I’ve had to make some tough choices in my life. What floral dress to wear to a funeral. Whether to buy crunchy or smooth peanut butter at the grocery store. Making pacts with God to help me make the right highway exit choice when I want a clean gas station bathroom. So it was that I ended up with the Sophie’s Choice of bathroom decisions on Saturday night.
Kevin and I visited a friend at her fabulous newish home. Let’s call the friend “Amy”. After a while, I excused myself to use “Amy’s” restroom. (I like to mark my territory whenever I go out.) It was foolish, I know, not to check the toilet paper situation before I sat down, but I didn’t look. And before you ask, it was thankfully Number 1. ANYWAY, after I finished with my business, I was horrified that the only things in the bathroom which I could use to wipe were these two items:

tough choices in life
I know. There was not even a floor mat in the bathroom. A flaccid yellow balloon or an empty toilet roll holder. Neither one very absorbent. Neither one plumbing-friendly. Neither one very hygienic. Both prideful with other purposes. No clowns in the restroom to make balloon animals so I could wipe with a dachshund. Sad, sad yellow balloon. At least it was the right color. What do you do when faced with the Dumb and Dumber of choices? I guess you ditch Newt and go with Mitt. I, on the other hand, decided to just air dry.

P.S. I just realized I wrote back-to-back bathroom posts. Not sure what that means, but it seems important.