Stop posting in Facebook! Facebook spoils surprises!

In addition to meeting up with my six college friends, I spent the first two days of my trip with two other friends who flew in from San Francisco to help me surprise the rest. San Fran friends were warned not to post anything on Facebook, lest they spoil the surprise. The San Fran friends arrived before I did and immediately started posting their whereabouts. I very judgmentally scolded them to cut that shit out. “You goofy fags! Put a lid on it!” Their response to me? “Woopsies!” I erased their postings on FB to hide the evidence. The moment I landed in New York, I succumbed to the energy of the city and started texting all my friends about my whereabouts.
facebook spoils surprises
It’s fine to be all superior when you are in your pajamas in your living room watching Homeland re-runs in anticipation of the new season. It’s quite another when your brain has been awash with wine and you’re in one of the greatest cities on the planet. San Fran friends and I arranged The Reveal when the high school girls arrived at The Eventi where we stayed. I couldn’t believe that despite my tipsy texting indiscretions, we managed to surprise them! I love the adrenaline of the unexpected. I mean, the good kind, like seeing a friend you didn’t think you would get to see. The kind of adrenaline that ensued when I got laid off, that sucked a nut. Let’s keep this positive, people!

Have I mentioned I like New York? I only get there every four years or so, but I’m one of the ones who could happily live there. Cement jungle for my kids and everything. Like spending time on grass really competes with being able to catch an exhibit at The Guggenheim Museum? I’m not saying that grass-fed kids don’t have it going on, but I don’t think the kids living in the cultural mecca that is New York are disenfranchised.
facebook spoils surprises

There is something exhilarating about walking amongst people who are nothing like me physically. It’s not as predominant in St. Louis, but when I returned to the Tulsa, Oklahoma airport after a trip to a large metropolis, I was often struck by the sameness of the people I would see in the Tulsa airport. Travelers dressed in similar clothing styles. Little variety in foot ware. Their haircuts, variations on the same theme. I think that homogeny is comforting to a lot of people. It makes me hyperventilate.

Next post I’m going to go on and on about the immersive theater we saw Saturday night. Spoiler alert: it was fucking awesome!