Why do people like common items on Facebook?

Is my life enhanced because I liked potato chips on Facebook? What have lay’s potato chips really done for you during your lifetime? I get why Facebook wants you to like things. I just don’t understand why an individual wants to like common items on Facebook?
I looked at the baked Lay’s potato chip bag I was eating from at lunch recently and saw something commonly found on products these days: “Like us on Facebook!” Who does this, exactly? Who looks around their house and takes the time to find their favorite products on Facebook? Ohmygosh! I LOVE Secret deodorant! I should “like” them on Facebook! Do they look for common items on Facebook to like? Since you don’t have time, in addition to the fact that I now have five hours freed up on my calendar each week that I don’t have to spend at Barnes Jewish Hospital, I found Lay’s FB page for you. It lists about thirty chips you can “like”. Apparently, Lay’s kettle cooked jalapeno potato chips is their FB darling with 640 “likes”. Six hundred and forty people didn’t have enough to do during their day such that they felt compelled to go to Lay’s FB page and cast their vote for that jalapeno chip. Lonely chips. Lay’s FB page has 3,601,498 “likes”. Maybe we need a “potato chip awareness” bracelet made out of shoestring potatoes. Or a “my chip is bigger than your chip” contest. Do you like folded or bubbled chips best? When I get a folded and bubbled chip I feel like I’ve hit the chip lottery.
I realize what a hypocrite I am for dising on folks who waste their time liking stupid shit on FB after I started stalking potato chips online, but I’m doing this FOR YOU. MY PEOPLE. Even I have more to do with my time than that. Consistent with Lay’s desperate plea to have you “like” them on FB, there is absolutely NO POINT to this post. I have taken thirty seconds of your life that you will LITerally never get back. My treat to you.