This 90’s bridesmaid dress, which I also still have, has actually fared the test of time the best out of all the dresses. One question: why such a wide lapel? I look like a fancy nurse from World War I. The poofy sleeves are just as poofy as the early nineties required, but Ann cleverly disguised that by going sheer.  Still bitter at friends for not staging a hair intervention on me. My style is bordering on a shortened Roseann Rosanadana. Ann’s wedding, circa 1992. Also, I look a little possessed but I’m pretty sure we didn’t start drinking until the reception. At least I’m sitting upright. Ann is crouching, but only slightly.
90's bridesmaid

90’s bridesmaid

My arm is scaring me a little. It looks disconnected from the sleeve and the rest of my body. The top is like wearing an x-ray of yourself. Perhaps the TSA could let you opt to wear see-through clothing instead of getting your body scanned or fondled in the airport security line. I’ll let you know what they say when I try it at the airport on my next trip when I’m wearing this cute little number.