Michelle can correct me but I think this was 1989. Dye to match shoes are always a favorite and I totally look hot crouching in photos, especially when I’m a bridesmaid fondling a bride’s leg. We all look so natural holding lilies like beauty pageant contestants.

Bridesmaid wedding

I still have this teal-lovers dress with the enormous hip to hip bootie bow in tact. Why a bootie bow? We don’t want to be gobbled up like an early birthday present! Daughter Blair almost wore this dress to her Famous Person Wax Museum Assembly at school this year. Don’t ask me how this dress conveyed Betsy Ross to my eight year old, but it was better than going out and finding her an outfit.

Geez-tan much? I look like a pigmy during this era. This was before I embraced sunscreen at the moment I realized my skin was going to look like a leather biker boot if I didn’t stop my addiction to laying out in the sun. Step away from the tanning butter! Don’t even think about the baby oil with iodine in it! The surface area of the flowers take up more┬áreal estate┬áthan our heads. At least Michelle opted for the “conservative” 80’s poof on the shoulder. Wait til you see the rest this week. My shoulders didn’t fare so well.