Here I am at my first wedding! That sounds so, I don’t know, like I’m a serial bride. There have only been the two. I graduated from Bridesmaid to Bride! Guess florists didn’t carry any flowers other than the stargazer lily back in the day. Not to dis on lilies, but not much variety in the early 90’s. At least I’m not holding the flowers right up to my face. Perhaps excessive flower positioning near my nose created my adult life sinus/allergy problems? This was 1991. Dave and I were married for thirteen years, married on Friday the 13th.

This is what I wore to the Big Party the day after the wedding. I don’t think I consumed anything other than Coors Light beer and lint in 1991 as evidenced by my minuscule waist. The sleeves on my party dress were as big as mutton hindquarters. I can only wear this top on my thigh at this point. Ann is sporting some awesome anchor woman hair and Malinda was timeless as usual in all black. This is why we should all wear all black, all the time. Black is the new black. Way to be fashion forward, Malinda. We can talk about your hair later, but Frodo doesn’t have a lot of room to say a whole lot.