You did remember that I said I will have been in 14 weddings after May 12? I’ve still got pics yet to share, so if you’re bored with the bridesmaid series, check back in a week. Good thing I like my clavicle because it’s front and center in all these photos. I shortened this cake topper dress, which I still have, to wear on New Year’s Eve a few years after this wedding. Don’t do that. Don’t cut off a bridesmaid dress to get more use out of it. It’s a one use item, like a diaper. Think of it as a diaper and you will not be tempted to re-purpose it. Do you know what a repurposed bridesmaid dress looks like? Like a prom dress. It will always be a one use item. Don’t try to change it. Trying to change things over which you have no control (fact: you wore the dress in a wedding) never works. If you cut off a bridesmaid dress to wear someplace else, you will feel like you are walking around in a cut-off bridesmaid dress all night. Let me learn this lesson for you.

The only exception is if you get invited to an 1980’s themed party. Then you can wear the stinkin’ dress. Seems like all these weddings happened in the same month. I’m thinking circa 1990? Julie can correct me. Marriage still going strong. Wondering if there is any science about the dresses that is a predictor for whether a marriage will last? How could I have been in so many weddings and never wear the same color twice? Questions such as this plague me.