Third bathroom post in a week! I’m on a roll! (of toilet paper. Snicker) It’s bulky item week in my neighborhood which means you’re supposed to drag big items to the curb for someone to take away. At the last minute, I decided to drag an old ceiling fan, some light fixtures, the remains of a tub shower kit and a disassembled toilet to the curb which were taking up room in my basement. Much to my chagrin, the bulky item fairies took my neighbor’s refrigerator yesterday, but didn’t take the stuff in front of my house. Bugger! Each time I’ve walked past the pile of discarded crap today to get to my car, there’s been an item missing. First, the light fixtures were gone. Next, the fan, with the wooden blades broken off for easier transport. (see the blades in the terrible photo?) The only thing left as of 2:15 p.m. today is this sad, sad toilet. Is the economy really so bad that people have to steal this shit? Having said that, please, someone steal this shit! I’ll have to lug it back into my house if you don’t! I felt foolish enough muscling the toilet to the curb in the first place. Don’t make me have to pick it up and take it in!