Superior Parenting Moments

Rowan drew this hand-less, leg-less crying girl with hair issues when we were on a trip recently. The FBI is investigating.
superior parenting
This was the search on my ipad when I went to safari: “im nakid”. I think perhaps a talk is due to the girls.
Devlin tells me seventeen times a day about how commas are similar to apostrophes.
superior parenting

credit: 2003 Stivers

Rowan prepared a special batch of lemonade in preparation for out-of-town guests visit this week. I don’t know how, but she spent twenty minutes making this lemonade. She cut up all the lemons herself (four to be exact), experimented with the sugar formula to get just the right amount of sweetness. She decided to add some food coloring as a crowning touch. She ended up rendering the concoction essentially black, like the water in the watercoloring cup inevitably ends up after you’ve mixed too many colors. She was unconsolable, sobbing. “I can’t do anything right!” I had no idea what to say to her as the lemon slices floating in the black citrus water turned the color of a bruise. I could have said, “Oh, honey, we all make black lemonade from time to time.” or “I’m sure the guests won’t mind black lemonade.” Instead, I just said, “There’s no crying in baseball!” which of course went right over her head.