Arlington, VA via W. Virginia, Ohio to Indianapolis, IN
In no particular order:
  • The Internet  was down for two hours today so I couldn’t access google maps and I TOTALLY FREAKED THE FREAK OUT. Seriously, I actually cried tears. It was embarrassingly traumatic.
  • If a kindly taxi driver had not taken pity on me this morning, I would still be lost in WDC.
  • Puke is really hard to clean out of a leapster toy’s tiny crevices.
  • No amount of Lysol can mask the scent of vomit from car upholstery. I resorted to taking sniffs of Lysol from the can like you would suck air from a dive tank. So temporary and highly ineffectual.
  • Traffic jams in the middle of no where Ohio suck balls.
  • Seeing old friends is completely awesome. Met up with a friend I’ve known since I was 5 and haven’t seen since 1988, another friend I’ve known since training bras in 7th grade and haven’t seen in 35 years (that is so fucked up), and a friend from 9th grade who I see every couple of years.
  • When out of town in the same town as your husband who is also out of town, you should coordinate in advance and maybe stay in the same hotel. Dunno why this didn’t occur to me as a planning detail. We actually really like each other. Not that you could tell.
  • We are sleeping in tomorrow like people who are on vacation are apt to do. WTF
  • Someone needs to invent some form of car yoga or meditation exercises to de-stress stressed-out drivers without requiring shut eyes.
  • I really, really enjoy cursing. Really.
  • I appreciate this link more after today: