Short jaunt to Charleston, South Carolina. Drove straight to Folly Beach to compensate for “of course Mobile has a beach” mishap. Beautiful afternoon. Forgot towels but remembered sunscreen. Blair dropped fresh sandwiches n sand so we ate bananas n froot loops we liberated from breakfast bar n Savannah hotel. Kids first trip to beach. They loved the shells n grew to hate sand.

Twelve minutes of genuine terror when Dev disappeared from surf. Felt like I’d lost him n foreign country. Ineffectual to scream. Everyone wrapped up with own shit. Water as far as the eye could see and a mother’s worst nightmare could run wild. “NO! RED hair and BROWN trunks! NOT brown hair and red trunks!” I was on the cell w/ 911 dispatch when he and his red hair appeared from parking area. My first 911 call after all this time. I picked a bad day to stop cursing. I have a locator for Dev but it wouldn’t have worked in the water. Leash at the beach didnt even occur to me. Chip under his skin wouldnt hv saved him from drowning. These fucking kids! It’s like u hv to watch them every second! They expect constant supervision as well as for you to remember their birthday AND their shoe size. I didn’t cry til afterward. Even tipsy college kids stopped their party to help look. All good now. Fucking hell!