Channel Walter White: More Fun Than Packing

Really, just about anything is more fun than packing/unpacking. I’m up to my armpits packing boxes but was lucky enough to find the box with my clean underwear today. Small victories. You always think you’re going to remember what box you put that important thing and invariably you lose stuff when you move. Walter White would have wanted me to wear clean underwear. In addition to underwear, I’ve been wearing my bad-ass Walter White Akubra hat all week to keep my focus. Sort of a “What Would Walter White Do” mentality has settled in. Walter White would be a consummate professional while packing. He is a great role model. There is no way to make packing and unpacking suck less. You just have to get through it. Walt would understand. He would empathize. While I’m still trying to find the batteries that fit in my smoke alarms, and forks so I can quit eating only with knives, please enjoy this Youtube Bitch montage from Jesse Pinkman.

channel walter white