Sedona, AZ to Santa Fe, NM.

Birthday Road Trip Adventure

It was my birthday on Day 7 of our road trip. I started every sentence that day with “Since today is my birthday…” It was also Prince’s birthday. I hope he was as imperious as I was. “You will all be my slaves from now on! I wish to hear Brickhouse now!” I received many birthday wishes via text and email. You will all be satisfied that I can’t distinguish some of the emoticons you used to accent your enthusiasm for my special day without cheater reading glasses. Yes, my day of reckoning has arrived. Fuck it, though. I do not feel old. I may look it, but don’t feel it. It’s probably a fair trade-off. road trip adventure Sedona was beautiful! Touristy, but no chance not to be with mountain and canyon views like that. Morning yoga to clear my mind, 60 minutÄ™ massage I wish had lasted four hours. Hard to beat. We passed a billboard in Arizona that read “Don’t meth with us”. We elected not to stop at the Burgers & Bullets that promised you could shoot a machine gun with a side of fries. Next stop: Oklahoma