St. Louis, MO to Tucumcari, NM in one long 14 hour day. There were two adult drivers this trip for the first time I’ve taken the kids on one of these epic trips. (We let Kevin tag along).

Highlights included: packing the car in the rain, spying two dead deer on the highway, ¬†spotting two ferris wheels in random towns, Blair’s realization that the cow on top of the other cow was really a bull on top of a cow having bovine sex, Kansas + Oklahoma panhandle + West Texas = most boring topography in entire USA, it’s fun to teach pre-tweeners about “moobs”, “leather & windchimes” is a really weird basis for a retail store, there is no shortage of fat white dudes plastered on billboards in rural America hocking all sorts of wares and services.

Two hours into the trip Devlin wanted to know, “Are you going to play any inappropriate music this time?” I admitted to him, “Probably so.”

The whole family took masochistic delight at agitating the singularly-focused autistic child by screaming out “Unicorns!” every time we drove past horses because we knew he would protest, “Unicorns do NOT EXIST!”