St. George to Las Vegas, NV. Scene for check-in to St.George Bed & Breakfast: We arrived late. I walked up to the office and rang the innkeeper from a London-styled phone booth. Proprietor Ed greeted me and I followed him to his office where he offered me to rest on his couch while he prepared my key. He met the family and walked us to The Jessica Suite in one of the houses on the compound. He directed us to town for a pleasant dinner and cleaned leaves in the pool for us to swim later.

Scene for check-in to Mandolay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas: We arrived half an hour early for check-in and were met with a 60+ person gated airport-reminiscent line. We waited in the queue for 45 minutes while watching suggestive adverts on a big screen for couples champagne massages and listened to B side Don Henley tunes. We ate on our own.

Breakfast in Utah, included in the room cost, consisted of homemade Belgian waffles, scrambled cheesy eggs, coffee/tea and a fruit cup garnished with fresh mint personally cooked and served in a quaint dining room. We ate seconds.

Lunch in Las Vegas was a family-style, all-you-can-eat international cuisine buffet in the hotel which cost $95. We wasted several plates of food trying to locate the stuff that tasted like the the thing it purported to be.