Let’s live now. Throughout the course of downsizing, I’ve thrown out everything I don’t really love or need. Those stupid kitchen spatulas that never worked very well. Those fancy champagne flutes I used twice every five years. (Note: champagne tastes the same even if you serve it in a wine glass.) Those Joey Buttafuoco pants that, if there is a God above, simply have to cycle back into fashion eventually. You’re with me, right? Desk trinkets from people I don’t remember anymore. Sheet sets that don’t fit the bed anymore but you might need them someday. It’s not that I don’t have sentimentality. I have plastic bins full of my children’s drawings. I just don’t have sentimentality for everything. And I know I’m going to get some flack for this, but books I’m never going to re-read that simply serve as something I get to dust. New motto: don’t keep things whose only purpose is to provide opportunities for dusting, or moving to get to something else.

On the flip-side, I have things that I really love, but don’t use very often because I don’t want to risk breaking them. It occurred to me that this philosophy is really stupid. Case in point: these glasses.

let's live now cup

Let’s live now cup

let's live now wine glass

Let’s live now wine glass

You wouldn’t know to look at them, but each of these glasses cost about $75 each in the early 1990’s.

Obviously purchased before I had children and it didn’t seem ridiculous to spend money on¬†highly-breakable useable art.

Now, I’m not going to serve my kids milk in these cups, but I am using them several times a week these days.And you know what? If they break, they break. It’s better to use them than gaze longingly at them in the kitchen cabinet.

2014: I am all up in yo shit! Let’s break out the good stuff! Let’s live now!