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Why hostile wit? 

Hostile = nonconformist, skeptical, exposing, scrappy, defiant, saucy, offbeat. “Hostile” like used in the phrase “hostile underwear” that attacks your crotch. Not “hostile” meaning unkind, bitter or malicious.

Wit = the domain that wasn’t taken. Also, iinsight, common sense, and humor. The stuff worth living for.

Witness = to be present, to affirm the truth, advocate, corroborate.

Who Is She?

I’m Jennifer McCoy. I identify as many things: a woman, a parent, a recovering lawyer, an activist, a friend, a womanist and a feminist, a citizen, and a writer. An army brat born in Brussels, Belgium, I grew up in several of these United States. I spent the majority of my working life practicing law in big law firms and corporate legal departments in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri.

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