Hostile Witness

Confronting inequality, stigma & culture

What are you hostile about?

Accomplice: Resistance & Activism

Becoming a Hostile Witness began for me with #BlackLivesMatter and #Ferguson.

What is a white accomplice? How and why did I cut my social movement teeth? Do you want to get involved but aren’t sure how or just want to know what street activism is like? You are in the right place. Actually, you are in the LEFT place, politically speaking. Think about the far left, run into the field 500 feet farther left and you’ll see me in the distance.

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Relevance: Culture, Lifestyle & Relationships

Hostile Witness to life

I like to think of myself as a relationship whisperer, which is probably code for co-dependent. We’re all fucked-up in our own special ways. It’s similar to a horse whisperer but without hooves and barn stench. I genuinely like people, unless they are boring, arrogant, close-minded or do shit I find annoying. I’m very loyal and will call anyone back who will listen to me curse and calm me down when I think I’ve got herpes. Again.

Afterbirth: Parenting

Parenting is more like a “hostage” witness situation. Everyone in the family is trying to get out as unscathed as possible. I try my best to parent three children, two of which are twins and three of which are teenagers. Honestly, it seems like too many people. It shouldn’t be so hard to raise children to be kind, productive, self-fulfilled humans. Let’s share parenting triumphs and idiocy.

Discovery: health & stigma

Hostile Witness to disparities and issues related to health: mental, chronic, physical, and community health. I used to write about cancer (fucking cancer) after I was diagnosed with the breast variety in 2012, but that seems like it happened to someone else. Still, I slip in posts about boobs on occasion, just to keep it real.

Hostile Witness: Womanist Killjoy

Alice Walker wrote “womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender”. Womanism also connotes universality. Killjoy is redundant to hostile, but “killjoy” has such a delicious aura I had to co-opt it. Hostile to the status quo, patriarchy, sexism, the whole nine. 

Conviction: Career & advocacy

Hostile work environment including: lawyering, professionalism, unconventional career trajectory.

About Jen

A parent, recovering lawyer, and writer. I never envisioned my midlife aspirations to include emulating Pussy Riot, but standing up for humanity has a way of changing a person. I’m a former corporate attorney set adrift following the 2008 economic downturn. I turned anti-racist activist, baptized by fire in the streets of Ferguson.

I’m redefining myself, which is proving financially unprofitable, but mentally affirming. Don’t ask me to tell a joke because I always fuck up the punch line. Instead, ask me to regale you of the time I almost shit myself. I have a unique perspective of the justice system, having experienced it from the side of an advocate as well as an arrestee. Edgy topics intrigue me, and I question everything. Periodically, I get obsessed with things, like making bouquets out of Barbie doll heads.

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