Blog Post Not a Cry For Help

You guys are cracking me up. Yes, I admit in hindsight that the tenor of my last two posts has been a bit dark. The post evangelizing the beloved metaphor¬†“thrown under the bus” did convey a certain downward attitude. And there’s no rosy way to cast unemployment. It bites.I’m actually feeling quite hopeful lately, like we are on the verge of figuring out what the hell we are going to be when we grow up. Again. Priorities are being redefined in a way that feels honest. I’m not dead! I feel happy!

For the record, I was not confessing a specific time or event in which Kevin or I were theoretically or literally thrown under a bus. This is not to say that we both haven’t been thrown under the bus in the past by evil co-workers, but I wasn’t writing about a recent, or specific bus throwing.

Several friends called me and were all,¬†“Are you okay?” in hushed tones.

And I’m all, “Yeah, why?”, equally conspiratorial.

And they were all, “Well, I was worried about your mental well-being after reading your blog.”

And I’m all, “Are you guys still reading my shit? That’s so sweet.”

So, for all those who detected I was a little off, I am not over here plotting when to stick my head in the oven or checking my garage for air-tightedness. If you can off yourself with consumption of salted chips and chocolate, you might need to worry about me because I’ve had an unusual amount of both this week, much to my dismay. The oven would be a really stupid idea anyway, and it turns out my damn broiler is broken. I’m too clumsy to pull off any sort of caper. It has been a long week, however, for a lot of people I know who are going through rough times. So, to lighten the mood, enjoy Flight of the Conchords. Gosh, I’m an upbeat lady!