Becoming a Hostile Witness began for me with #BlackLivesMatter and #Ferguson.

What is a white accomplice? How and why did I cut my social movement teeth? Do you want to get involved but aren’t sure how or just want to know what street activism is like?

I didn’t realize the depths of denial and oppression living in my protected, whitewashed world. The unjustified shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson changed that for me. I thought I had some idea being a woman working in a sexist profession, but my black and brown friends suffering racism is so wildly more intrepid. I strive to remain woke for the remainder of my days. I’ve embraced a community I can’t imagine now being without. I vow to have uncomfortable conversations about race, justice, and the things in life that really matter, in addition to my uterus, and funyuns. Those things are disgusting. (funyuns. My uterus is glorious).