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Life In Transition

I purchased my very first domain a few days ago: jennifermccoy.net. As a consequence, the blog address will change to that new address though the old address will still work and flow to the new web address. I’m sure the eyes of I.T. savvy people who realize I have no idea what I’m talking about are bleeding as they read this. Whenever I log into the blog to make a post or obsessively check the stats, I get an auto-generated note advising that “YOUR BLOG IS IN TRANSITION“, which strikes me as hilarious for some reason.

It’s not enough that people are IN TRANSITION from one job to another (which includes me) or that a person may be IN TRANSITION from being a man to being a woman or vice-versa. Apparently blogs can be IN TRANSITION too! Maybe I’m IN TRANSITION from being ill to being well, cancery to cancer-free. Aren’t we all IN TRANSITION for some reason or another at any given place in our lives? Isn’t that sort of the point? To continually strive to become better people? Or you can literally be IN TRANSITION when you are, you know, going from one place to another. Man, I am a profound f*cker. Get your CHANGE ON. Rock (the shit out of) CHANGE! Things are starting to get a little boring over here!

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