Kids Use My Stuff All the Time!

I have come to a depressing truth: Nothing in my house will ever truly be mine ever again. A few months back, my sweet husband bought me an ipad2 for all the trouble I went through to get cancer. Nothing says “welcome to cancer” quite like an Apple product. I totally appreciated the gift and like most of you, am an avid consumer. I have over 5,000 songs on my devices, over 700 contacts I routinely use and I’m closely tethered to my calendar. I looked at the Recent Searches on the ipad2 the other day and found the following:
mermaid movies
fake mermaid tails
Katy Perry California Girls
H20 season 1 pool
h20 season 4, episode 26
h20 the movie
games for girls
for girls only
games for girls
kids use my stuff
I just wanted you to have an appreciation of the world in which I inhabit. I suppose I should be happy it wasn’t a list of porn sites. So far, four out of five times I try to use my ipad2, the battery is completely drained. This seems like a REALLY EXPENSIVE toy. Nothing is off limits to these monkeys I live with. I was putting on make-up this morning (really, sometimes I wear it) and did a double-take when I looked in the mirror because I had applied a purple swath on my cheek. Eight year old Blair was apparently trying to put eye make-up on with my blush brush. Must. Exert. Dominance. The. Apes. Cannot. Win.