About to exhaust the possibilities of whether you can feel like a store.

Do you ever feel like a second hand store?

Garage Sale: Hopeful. Maybe I’ll find a treasure amongst someone else’s crap. Also, down-trodden. Look at all this crap! I am the one who should host a garage sale. Think of all the money I’ve spent on worthless stuff I don’t need.

Goodwill: Focused, then capitulating. If I’m shopping at Goodwill, I’m looking for something specific, like plaid coolots or wing-tipped shoes in exactly my size. If I find the plaid coolots, they aren’t the right season. I end up buying a cotton candy-stripe uniform because I can totally make a zombie costume out of that.
Thrift Shops: Happy, then bummed. I love a nice mid-centry retro look in furniture and clothing. Again, I think I’m going to hit gold but then they only carry clothes that I want in size 00 or size 26. Or I wasn’t decisive enough to buy the awesome white chenille pit group before someone else bought it. Bugger!

Resale Shops: Why the hell aren’t half my clothes for sale in a resale shop? It’s not like I’m wearing anywhere near all of my clothes. Oh, because of my laziness. Damn laziness always gets a fly in my chardonnay.