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Practical Graduation Presents

Practical Graduation Presents Your Graduate Will Really Appreciate I dedicate this Post to two of my Special Grads this year: Hilary & Brooks. It’s that season again: GRADUATION! This time always fills me with nostalgia for my own graduations, of which I had three, not seven like these punks that “graduate” from pre-K or “graduate” […]


Children: Mom is Not Your Servant!

Guess what, kids? Mom is not your servant! I can’t take it anymore! Clean clothes do not belong in the dirty clothes hamper just because it’s easier than putting them on hangers! I’m having nightmares that I’m sinking in a quicksand pit of laundry. Same with the clothes lining the bottom of your closet and […]


If Mothers Rebelled: Brave New holiday World

One year I’d like to be like some folks you know who just have the holidays appear Christmas morning. Presents materialize from do-gooder yuletide aliens. Winter Fairies leave perfectly wrapped gifts with juicy silver bows. Trunk monkeys with jingle bells do all the grocery shopping and pre-holiday food preparations. Someone else thinks to have enough toilet […]