Waiting For LouFest 2012 : Abandonment Issues

Are You Waiting for Loufest? You Should Be!

What should parents do when their kids are stressed out about the start of school? Abandon them! We are taking a vacation from parenting this weekend. It’s going to be AWESOME. We have a two day pass to Loufest Music Festival and have hired someone to parent our children while we pretend we’re 19.I will miss hearing my children’s sweet whining about whatever I feed them, even if it was their favorite thing yesterday. I will miss taking all three of them to and from soccer practice all weekend, and my son to Social Skills Group, and lording over them to complete their homework. I swear I didn’t have so much homework when I was in college. These kids are going to be waaaayyyyy smarter than me. They may already be. Except that kids who forget to wipe themselves after going number two are probably not smarter than me. At least not yet. I have totally gotten that toilet skill honed. I have mad skills in the bathroom, yo.So, anyway, I hope to have lots of material to blog about over the next couple of days. I have to sign off now so I can go drink beer.

waiting for loudest


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