Hostile Wit: I am Jennifer McCoy, your inappropriate friend, and this is my blog. I treat the word “fucker” like a pair of jeans that goes with everything. Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite word is and they will all say “fucker”. As a child, I grew up on army forts. I moved every other year, perhaps explaining my heightened need for human connection. Sadly, I can’t escape being an Okie even though I was born in Brussels, Belgium. In fact, all my relatives live in Oklahoma. To make matters worse, I went to the University of Oklahoma for college and law school.

Hostile = nonconformist, skeptical, exposing, scrappy, defiant, saucy, offbeat.

‘Hostile’ like that pair of  ‘hostile underwear’ that attacks your crotch. Not “hostile” meaning unkind, bitter or malicious. 

Robert Downey Jr. in a box on Hostile Wit blog
Hostile Wit's Jennifer McCoy in a box

August 9, 2014 changed everything

Witness = to be present, to affirm the truth, advocate, corroborate.

Before Michael Brown’s unjustified shooting seven miles from my house, I lived in a whitewashed privilege bubble. I turned anti-racist activist, baptized by fire in the streets of Ferguson. I occasionally dust off my Ann Taylor suits for random court appearances but stopped giving fucks about the professionalism, or lack thereof, of sporting blue hair.

What is Jennifer McCoy’s Hostile wit?

I am a parent, recovering lawyer, and less famously, a writer. I’m redefining myself as Hostile Wit, which is proving financially unprofitable. Don’t ask me to tell a joke because I fuck up the punch line. Instead, ask me to regale you of the time I almost shit myself. I have a unique perspective of the justice system, having experienced it as an advocate and an arrestee. Edgy topics intrigue me, and I question everything. Periodically, I get obsessed with things, like making bouquets out of Barbie doll heads

Wit = insight, common sense, and humor. The stuff worth living for. 

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