Banksy vomiting parenting love
Credit: Banksy

How do you parent? Does your parenting style leave something to be desired? Or even a lot? To clarify, I mean all parties concerned feel a little dead inside. Also, “something” means “societally acceptable behavior”. Communication complicates relationships. Dysfunctional family communication complicates relationships more so.

On second thought, maybe parenting is akin to negotiating. In other words, the barometer is same. To wit, you know you reached a fair result if everyone is unsatisfied.

HostileWit addresses raising pseudo neuro-typical girls. Moreover, a son on the autism spectrum adds spice to the mix. All subjects are teenagers. And to be clear, teenagers are exhausting AF. In short, the children are equal parts maddening and astonishing. Let’s share family triumphs and relative idiocy together.