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Parenting teenagers is exhausting. HostileWit addresses parenting pseudo neuro-typical girls and a son on the autism spectrum with a side of seizure disorder.  The children are equal parts maddening and astonishing. Let’s share parenting triumphs and family idiocy together.

Tips For Surviving a Parental Visit

Surviving a parental visit tip: Don’t listen to me My parents visited recently. It is frequently a stress-laden event from which it takes me days to recover. They aren’t horrible people, nor, hopefully, am I a terrible daughter. We just don’t have much in common, which makes things like speaking and eating together challenging. That’s […]


Cynic’s Guide To How To Be A Good Father

What Makes a Good Father? In trying to come up with an innovative approach to commemorate Father’s Day this year, I scoured the Internet for inspiration. The only thing doing so accomplished was to thoroughly depress me and incite me to riot. I am an equal opportunity offender when it comes to disliking both Mother’s […]