Rooster on Grand showcases kids’ rooster art

Rooster pride abounds in St. Louis

The family and I ventured over to Rooster on S. Grand last night for the soft opening of Dave Bailey’s second Rooster restaurant in St. Louis, MO. Rooster is a European-styled cafe serving crepes, unusual sandwiches and unique dishes. Yum!

They also have a gaggle of roosters crawling all OVER the place. The employees graciously opened their doors for a private event honoring young artists from Captain Elementary School who lent their creativity with all things rooster. Here a rooster, there a rooster, everywhere a rooster rooster! My husband and I happen to live with one of the artists so we got to tag along to the roosting gala and eat delicious food.


Devlin posing against his will with his cockerel drawing.

JUST LET ME TAKE YOUR PICTURE ALREADY!! (Yes, he’s scolding me.) There were roosters as far as the eye could see. Male chickens all over the restrooms.

Friend standing underneath her rooster perched confidently in the restroom.
It was like a rooster invasion. And no place to hide!

Non-judgmental Picasso-inspired gamecocks roosting over patrons sipping cocktails at the bar.

My husband thought this guy on the left was a roosterized Mr. Hankey, the Christmas poo. What? Admit it. He could so be a rooster poo.


IMG_1776 2

This rooster drawn by one of our friends looks a little tipsy, but even clucking birds deserve a nice glass of chardonnay after a long day of crowing.

Four calling birds…


I routinely tell my kids how much I dislike birds. (I hate squirrels too, but that’s another story). As far as I’m concerned birds are vile, dirty, loud, pooping, greedy and annoying. They fly into windows, wake you when you’re sleeping, make nests in your windows and  poop on your car after you’ve just washed it. I will make an exception about my distrust of all birds this day in honor of the now immortalized rooster drawn by my 10YO son.

Devlin rooster: may your wattles fly free over the yard as you waltz.

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