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Mokabe’s coffeehouse experience disrupted by ferguson protests

Mokabe’s: more coffee. less gas! Although I’ve lived in St. Louis, Missouri since 2008, I didn’t check out Mokabe’s coffeehouse until recently. Locals raved so much about the place, I wanted to find out for myself. Of course, I had some idea the Grand Jury Verdict was going to be handed down on whether to […]
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Trending Favorite Posts: Hostile Wit has a lot of opinions. I’m curious and also try to be intellectually honest which is part of the reason I put my shit out there. However, I want to understand different perspectives. I want to know your opinions. Hostility is fine at Hostile Wit, but keep it civil. Also, don’t bother commenting if you are simply here to hate read and comment vomit. We have enough combativeness in the world without adding to it here.

Best Blog to beat some blogs

I read a lot of blogs, and by “a lot” I mean “some”. Blogs like HostileWit don’t enhance my life in a meaningful way. However, I’m realistic. For instance, I expect people who know the least about a topic, like politicians, to pretend they’re experts. I admire Jen’s refreshing perspective. She doesn’t pretend to know much about anything. As a vagina American, Jennifer’s topics typically match my level of abject hostility. HostileWit is my go-to read while sitting on the toilet.
Fan of Jennifer McCoy
Title: International Graduate Student stranded in the USA

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Whether you visit for diatribes about womanism, or waxing poetic about Resistance or career tragectories, Hostile Wit has you covered. We get into After Birthing children discussions as well as what it’s like to have disabilities and love those with them.

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