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21 vows: even if Resistance To trump is futile

I accept Resistance may be futile, but I’m still developing my personal Resistance to Trump strategy. It’s been nearly 100 days since 45 took office,  and I’m finally able to get through the day without crying. Officially, we now live in Oppositeville. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, whoever the hell those ganders are.

of you fucking fucks

I vow resistance as follows:

  1. Embrace that “vulgarity” is having a new moment: Curse even more, about absolutely everything. I know, it seems impossible, but I’m nothing if not determined.

2. Continue to thank Obama for everything.

3. Refuse to take surveys. They fuck you in the drive-thru.

resistance to bowl of puffy cheetos
unnaturally orange Cheetos

4. Refuse to eat anything unnaturally orange until we elect a new president. Say goodbye to Kraft mac-n-cheese, Cheetos, Doritos. I shouldn’t be eating the shit anyway. Canned cheese, you’re dead to me.

5. Sign up for any, and all, registries (Muslim, deportation, bridal, baby…)

6. Reclaim and re-appropriate derogatory terms related to women: pussy, cunt, bitch, slut. For instance, “You don’t have enough of a pussy to climb that mountain”

7. More dance music, less news. More Ru Paul, no Bill O’Reilly

8. Continually diversify my news and media

9. Practice the best revenge: learn self-defense, be in good shape in mind and body, eat well, reduce self-hatred

resistance also means I will:

10. Call out the use of “girl” when a person speaks of a woman.

11. Stop using and call out abelist language: normal, crazy


12. Be precise with my language: stop using and call out ableist language (normal, crazy), sexist language (girl when speaking of a woman)

13. Use nonsexist language and gender neutral pronouns

14. Use the word “hate” only for things I truly hate. There can’t be THAT many things I truly hate. Arrogance. I do hate arrogance.

15. View the world through a womanist, not feminist lens, with an Intersectional approach

16. Find commonality between rural and urban humanity.

17. Give back whenever possible: blood, compliments, hugs, kisses, sanitary products for women, packaged peanuts for unhoused folks.

18. Pay kindness forward

Resistance Rock of Love 2020

19. Give unwarranted compliments for mediocre service and actions to counterbalance unwarranted criticism from people who are simply assholes.

20. Refuse to demonize bodies and body shaming. Instead of tearing down my sisters, note something positive about them. Call out body shaming when I hear it.

21. Practice reversibility: if I wouldn’t say it about a man, don’t say it about a woman.

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