Cancer Treatment Superstitions: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Cancer Treatment Superstitions

Our radiation captors were down a radiation machine today (apparently it doesn’t just happen to office copiers and fax machines) so I spent more time in the inner waiting room and consequently with fellow radiation inmates today. Guess what? WE ALL HAVE FAVORITE LOCKERS! Vinnie’s lucky locker number is 7. Caroline puts her things in locker number 4 if she can. Sue’s lucky locker number is 13. See! I told you I was messing with someone else’s ritual/system!
I admitted to them that I actually moved some poor cancer lady’s clothes when they occupied MY locker. The cancer ladies in the waiting room didn’t bat an eye. Like it’s perfectly normal to mess with people with cancer if it helps your own cancer experience. I really am a selfish bastard. Sue’s radiation appointment time is later than mine so it wasn’t her clothing that I moved to a different locker. Seems Vinnie, Sue and Caroline are more mature than I am and just found a new locker when their favorite number was taken. They obviously aren’t as committed to superstitions as I am. Tsk.
I’m dying on the hill for Locker #13. I will not obsess. I will not obsess. I will not obsess.
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