Concert Hand Stamp: Santigold

What Was Last Night’s Hand Stamp?

I love mornings when you wake up wondering if your concert hand stamp from the night before transferred to your face while you slept. That’s always a sign of a bitchin’ concert. I went to the Santigold concert at The Pageant the other night with Amy. As Amy and I fought for our personal space standing in the crowd on The Floor near the stage, I realized we were the only duo wearing our sweaters around our waists like bulky fanny packs. Practical wardrobe is what makes the adults stand out the most from young adults.
After the pre-band dispersed and we identified the interim music as “Africa” by Toto, we had to flee from the tall bouncing guy and his bouncing girlfriend blocking our view. Why is that always the case? It’s like continually picking the shopping cart with the crazy wheel at the grocery store. It’s either bouncing guy, or the sedate, bitchy chick who keeps glaring at you when you sing along. I expect the bouncing guy. The bouncing guy paid for his ticket same as me. He’s annoying, but I don’t begrudge him. The bitchy chick mystifies. If she’s that uptight in crowds, why is she in public at a loud concert? Bouncing guy and I are doing the shimmy now. I kept wishing my iPhone had a tazer function so I could taze the grumpy concert fuckers for sport. Santigold was great. She is a diminutive woman who was clearly channeling some Devo influences. I guess you’d call her music pop, but it was hard to pin-point. The male band members, who were mostly invisible, wore funny flat-topped white hats with ear flaps. Their outfits looked more like uniforms and reminded me of calico-covered Fantasy Island greeters. The interpretive dancers flanking each side of Santigold were my favorite. They were athletic, not go-go. Cheap purple sunglasses and a deadpan face with costumes that looked like they belonged on a children’s television show. And they had the most wonderful props: parasols, briefcases, sledge hammers, feathers, fans, hats, gold pom-pons.

concert hand stamp
I’ve got to figure out what my life prop should be. I think I may need a signature hat.
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  1. ev

    Find something besides a hat. I like a parasol. Or a funky umbrella. (OK, mine has flamingos on it and the handle is a flamingo head) See??

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