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Don’t drive into protesters, angry lady

I’m confused, angry lady

How could you drive into protesters? It was the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police. Ferguson protesters took the fight to the suburbs west of St. Louis, the scene of white flight. Indeed, protesters emphasized their message by choosing the height of rush hour traffic. When I faced you on HW I-70, I was anxiously holding hands with fellow protesters as you sat in your air-conditioned SUV. You screamed out your window that we should let you pass because you were late to a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) meeting. Admittedly, I snickered when you said it.

As friends and I continued to stand on the highway, you mocked us and flipped us the bird. Frankly, I understood your frustration. You are entitled to vent your anger. After all, we were expressing our anger about police brutality right before your eyes. I agree the J.B. Hunt truck driver two lanes over honking his horn constantly to drown out our chants to express disapproval was really annoying. Regardless, you are not entitled to drive into protesters.

drive into protesters SUV gets impatient
Credit: Patience Zalanga    Instagram: pzalanga Twitter: @patiencezalanga

We had some nerve blocking traffic

And don’t misunderstand me. I get that you had somewhere you wanted to be right then. Truly, I understand your time is valuable. I know people had places to be. It’s just that your time isn’t the only thing of value. It seriously isn’t. In fact, your time is LESS valuable than black lives. What really struck me about you was the certainty that you deserved to not be inconvenienced. You acted so entitled to go about your business without delay. Additionally, you could not see past anything other than what mattered to you in that moment. You were clearly unhinged we were blocking your way. I can see where you would find rush hour traffic delays as unbelievable and unfair as flight delays. Wrecks, a blown tire, a disabled car, people having seizures, folks standing up against systemic racism. The nerve of some people!

don't drive into protesters angry lady
Credit: Patience Zalanga     Instagram: pzalanga Twitter: @patiencezalanga

Do you act this way when traffic halts from a car wreck? Similarly, do you feel bad when you’re stuck in traffic and there’s a fatality up ahead? Senseless death should make you feel bad. When you are at the movies or reading a great book, do you cheer when the antagonist gets his way? I bet you cheer when the underdog succeeds. Why can you celebrate the underdog in fiction but not feel for human beings standing in front of you? I don’t know if you are necessarily overtly racist. Regardless, you were reckless.

We do this for Mike Brown

I do know that you were pissed off and frustrated as hell. Do you think any of the protesters weren’t afraid that they might get run over? Do you think we put our bodies on the line to fuck you over for our amusement? I assure you that was not the case. We knew the risk. Moreover, we knew you would be inconvenienced. Black people dying in police custody motivated us to bring awareness. I accept that you do not agree, but driving your car through a wall of human beings, into protesters, is not the answer. Maybe protesting isn’t the answer either, but people of conscience must try.

Don't drive into protesters angry lady
Credit: Patience Zalanga Instagram: pzalanga Twitter: @patiencezalanga

At another point you attempted to persuade us to let you pass by saying your husband was black and you had two black children. I responded that it was great your family was diverse. In fact, we were standing on the hot pavement risking arrest and bodily injury for THEM, if your statement was true. We stood there for black people. For the black people you love. I don’t know what happened as you drove through the line of protesters. If you were struck or your car was damaged, that was not by design. Accordingly, I feel empathy for you. See, is that so hard? To put yourself in someone else’s position?

don't drive into protesters on highway
Credit: Patience Zalanga Instagram: pzalanga Twitter: @patiencezalanga

In conclusion, angry lady

P.S. Dear people who have said, or believe, that protesters deserve to be run over if they delay your travel: Stop being awful human beings. You suggest vehicular manslaughter is a fair response to being inconvenienced. You are no doubt bloviating, but really think about what you are saying. I know I’m not going to change your opinion, but we will no longer meet your bullying with silence.

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  1. Bone

    I don’t give a rats ass what you are protesting, there are more civil ways to get your point across than interfering with other peoples lives. I pay to have the right to drive on that road, you don’t pay to stand in it. I’m sorry that for whatever reason you feel picked on and bullied, but that doesn’t give you the right to bully and pick on someone else. I for one will stand up to bullys in any way I deem necessary to eliminate the threat. Even children know not to play in the street. You’d probably get more results if you held hands and jumped off a bridge.

  2. Gaylon

    You can protest all you want, but you have no right to block traffic. It’s sad how some people believe they can do whatever they want without consequence because they are so much more “enlightened” than others. “People of conscience” might try protesting the right audience in the right venue instead of looking to get their picture in the news. BLM will be taken seriously when they address the abortion of millions of black babies and the senseless black on black violence. Until then, stop infringing on the rights of others who support the end of racism and who are not the ones doing wrong.

  3. Steve

    These protests wouldn’t be quite as bad if these people would bother to take the time to educate themselves and point their worthless protests in the right direction. Michael Brown was a criminal who got what he deserved. Same with the guy in Milwaukee. If you point a gun at the police, you should expect to get shot…it doesn’t matter what color your skin is. Take 10 minutes and study about who put you in the position you’re in. Remember, Google is your friend. Look who makes all these great promises to the black community, so they get your vote then when they get elected, they do exactly nothing, not only for you, but for the entire country. When Obama was elected, he had the opportunity to do great things, not only for you, but for the whole country. What did he do? He went golfing. He drove a wedge between black and white people where there was none. He took advantage of the black economic situation and paid you to protest and they paid you so much, you began believing there was truth in what you were protesting about. He drove a wedge between blacks and whites in this country that will take years to mend. And yet, the majority of you will continue to vote democrat. Well, wake up and smell the coffee folks. Hillary Clinton will be even worse – that’s a fact. So you continue blocking roads and we’ll continue running over your dumb asses. And when you manage to finally start the race war so many of you claim to want, just remember that it was YOU who opened that can of worms.

  4. Anonymous

    The group of blm idiots that block a road that I am driving on better get out of my way because your lives don’t mean a damn thing to me at all. All you ignorant fucks are just being trouble makers, thugs and stupid mother fuckers. I could understand a true protest for something worth while, but you ignorant fucks have nothing like that at all. BLM is just a bunch crooks, criminals and thugs, if you were a true organization then why are you not making an appearance in Baton Rouge, La that area is pretty much 80% black population, so don’t there black lives matter.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t feel sorry for any of you blocking traffic play stupid games win stupid stupid prizes I bet now that more people will ease their cars through your stupidity you all will realize how moronic it is to block a freeway

  6. Anonymous

    Such a touching Story you tell, The one issue we have is- No one gives a shit.
    Is your life more important then my work schedule- For what you are doing-No it is not. You have a gripe about something that you have all the control over to stop, but again you petty worthless people think that it is everyone’s issue to deal with it. You feel because you have an Issue that it should be everyone’s Issue. Sorry, don’t see it that way- it’s your issue, so stay the hell out of the road or yes-Get fucking run over. I wish more and More people wold run you people over. Sorry, if you were looking for pity, but the Woe is me shit is worn. Out with the people of America. Take you battle to court like you should and let the rest of us go on with our Lives. WE DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE ISSUES, We have our own

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Dumbass Lady and all your Dumbass BLM friends, you are breaking both State and Federal law when you walk on the Interstate. And you are wrecklessly endangering your self and what ever poor unfortunate first responder that has to deal with your dumbass! Committing a crime is not a form of protest and will not be tolerated, so if you get your dumbass run over by a car while illegally standing on the interstate it’s your own dumbass fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. CJ

    I am compelled to state that this BLM “movement” is unorganized and without purpose. If you truly valued the lives that you are trying to call attention to might I suggest the following:

    1) Do not block traffic….I guarantee that no that was inconvenienced by your illegal protest was even remotely swayed to your cause
    2) Instead of the illegal protest, those same individuals could mentor young black kids, helping them with school, family. etc
    3) March in areas where blacks are killing blacks in huge numbers…….these are your target audience and you may be able to influence a few of these black kids from avoiding gangs, drugs, and crime.
    4) Work with African American families to end the cycle of single parents. Currently 70% of Black families are being led by a single parent. This only adds to poverty, lack of education, crime, etc.
    5) Pick your champions to your cause well. Michael Brown is not the one to hang your lot with and does little for your cause when these criminals are the victims that you fight for. Please tell me you have more because thug like Brown is not getting any sympathy for your cause.

    If your cause did any of these things, I am certain that more may be sympathetic to your cause.

  9. Anonymous

    All lives matter! Period! One is no better than the other no matter what race they are. You said you are against police brutality but your title suggest that only black lives matter. I find this racist! You want to fight the brutality then change your name and involve everyone in the fight for fairness.

  10. George Lenard

    Thanks, Jen. The highway shutdown was a tour de force, tried before in St. Louis, but rarely if ever so successful. In addition to the practical success — blocking ten lanes of interstate not being an easy thing to pull off — the action forced many suburbanites to confront the reality of their dependence on being able to conveniently work, shop, and entertain themselves in areas close to great populations of segregated black poverty, yet escape instantly in their cars across the interstate to the county whose growth directly resulted from and caused the devastation of the city and North County.

  11. Annie Sisk

    Well said. I’m also glad the above comments weren’t deleted – though you have every right to delete many of them without a second thought. It shows definitively why there’s still a HUGE problem with racism in this country. Keep on keeping on.

  12. 78SE45

    You’re inconveniencing everyone who has a place to be. The highway is not your personal soapbox and I wish more people would’ve followed/will follow suit of Angry Lady. She did what everyone should be doing when you try to force your bullshit upon the general public by shutting down a roadway. No one’s impressed, no one’s listening. They stopped listening the second you started tearing apart your own town. Mike Brown was a criminal and has no one to blame but himself for how things ended up. Now, shut up and stay off the road

  13. Rhiannon Cahours

    Thank you so much for standing with #blacklivesmatter. Thank you for writing this thoughtful post. And thank you for publishing the ridiculousness up above this comment, because it does truly take some of the power out of it when everyone can see the racist grossness that comes out of their mouths-slash-keyboards.

  14. Anonymous

    Lots of vile, racist bloviatng in response to an interesting and empathetic post. Is this ironic? That an act of civil disobedience (which is in our nation’s blood and history) could make racists so angry that they spend time angrily pounding on their keyboards about wishing they had run over protestors?
    Is that the word? Irony? That they would come to spew hateful, ignorant, racist drivel in response to an act designed to combat racism?

  15. Beth Corver

    Author is CORRECT. The First Amendment gives anyone the RIGHT to inconvenience others. “Petition for redress of grievances during which time everyone is obligated to listen or re-route their travel if such redress blocks or impedes any public way.”

  16. STL Home Girl


    You are a courageous woman, thank you for standing up for Black Lives Matter! You will be blessed exponentially for your determination and empathic spirit. Together we stand or divided we fall. Every human life has value. In America and in many places across the world People of Color are being treated as “less than.” If my white skinned counterparts could spend just one day in my skin, they would come to know the challenges I face, everyday…..just because of the color of my skin.

    Keep it up Jen….the world is watching and applauding you and anyone else courageous enough to stand up for JUSTICE for ALL!


    1. Genevieve Ameduri

      I’ve said it before and I say again: I bow deeply to each and every one of you brave souls. Thank you for standing for a just world in the tradition of the ancestors and risking your own safety to garner the attention of a sleeping public on the matters of white supremacy crushing so many. May this change! Here’s to justice for Black lives and to our collective liberation. May we all awaken to cultivate Beloved Community.


  17. R. Jay

    Wow Jennifer, looks like you struck a nerve. Lots of racists sure are venting and spewing their ignorance and hate. I admire you Jennifer, and all of the BLM people. You are on the right side of history, and the rest of the world sees this and are rooting for you. Sad that everyday Americans cannot see it yet. The whole world is watching and wondering when America will wake up to the police brutality your citizens are facing.

    -cheering you on from Canada

    One day you will win, and black lives will matter!

    1. Jennifer McCoy

      Thanks, R. Jay! I sincerely appreciate your support. I’ve toyed with whether to censor some of these remarks but letting bigots expose their true selves is also satisfying. Besides, some troll on twitter called me a “protesticle” and that is fucking awesome! See all the fun I would miss if I turned off the comments? Striking a nerve keeps the dialogue open.

      I would love it if more supporters, such as yourself, would chime in.

      -feeling cheered & thankful for you from America

    2. STL Home Girl

      @ R. Jay, your comment is one of the very few that resonates truth. Thank you for seeing this movement with empathetic eyes. I will continue to pray for all of the people who are sprewing such vile and hateful thoughts. To think these are my neighbors and co-workers is absolutely frightening. People of Color in American have every reason to be afraid. Racism is alive truly alive in America.

    3. Dolo

      How would you know what is really going on here. There is, too many times, police brutality and ass cops, but it is not just to blacks and it was not in the case of Michael Brown. This movement does not seem like really black lives matter because of the foolish things they do and who they do them for. They, the so called protesters, don’t give a damn about the black on black that takes place every day and night in the cities and they don’t care about the thousands of black babies aborted. So this seems like hogwash. Maybe an attention getter. Who knows why, but I don’t think it’s an honest cause.

  18. John Tipton

    Jennifer McCoy I am going to quote you and this is what you said in your own statement ” After all, we were expressing our anger about police brutality right before your eyes.” Why don’t you protest when blacks kill other blacks, it happens everyday in St Louis? “I agree the J.B. Hunt truck driver two lanes over honking his horn constantly to drown out our chants to express disapproval was really annoying.” and what you were doing wasn’t annoying? “your time isn’t the only thing of value.” but yours is? “your time is LESS valuable than black lives.”and why is that, your saying no ones life is more important than a Black persons life, you need to get a life period. “You could not see past anything other than what mattered to you in that moment.” That is exactly what you were doing by blocking traffic. ” You were clearly unhinged we were blocking your way.” and you were clearly unhinged that she worked her way through the blockage. “Wrecks, a blown tire, a disabled car, people having seizures, folks standing up against systemic racism. The nerve of some people!” blocking traffic during rush hour The nerve of some people. ” I don’t know if you are necessarily overtly racist. I do know that you were pissed off and frustrated as hell.” sounds like you and all the other people that blocked a major interstate during rush hour either shows your predjudice or your stupidity.””Do you think we put our bodies on the line to fuck you over for our amusement?” well did you? ” We knew you would be inconvenienced, but we thought bringing awareness to black people dying in police custody was worth it.” Again why don’t you comment or protest about all the blacks killing other blacks all over St Louis, why can’t you find another way to do this and quit the killing by everyone, stop being so stupid and change the way you go about doing things, this doesn’t help it shows that all of you are not trying to change your only bringing more trouble and more arrests. “Maybe protesting isn’t the answer either, but people of conscience must try” well you said it maybe this isn’t the answer so why not try something else. “At another point you attempted to persuade us to let you pass by saying your husband was black and you had two black children. I responded that it was great your family was diverse and we were standing on the hot pavement risking arrest and bodily injury for THEM. For black people.” You weren’t doing this for black people or you would protest all things that happen to Black people, like blacks killing blacks everyday, or isn’t that important enough, is it only because white people or Police do it, talk about racist. ” I don’t know what happened as you drove through the line of protesters. If you were struck or your car was damaged, that was not by design and I feel empathy for you.” so she is protesting against you protesting and she hurt your pride by driving through your blockade, but you damaged her car because you couldn’t accept her protest, so was this damage against her car against the police shooting blacks ?
    “See, is that so hard? To put yourself in someone else’s position?” “Stop being awful human beings.” ” You suggest vehicular manslaughter is a fair response to being inconvenienced. You are no doubt bloviating, but really think about what you are saying. I know I’m not going to change your opinion, but we will no longer meet your bullying with silence.” So its ok for you to protest but not ok for someone else to protest, You are the one who is wrong, you are the one who disrupted someone elses daily life WHY? because your unhappy with police, take it out on the police, you can’t because you won’t win so you take it out on innocent people and call it justice. wake up do the right thing and move on and make a difference, what you did here didn’t make a difference it made you look stupid and show
    you don’t know how to go about getting things done legally, you have to go about it by breaking the law.

  19. Anonymous

    People like you are only making things WORSE! Race relations are deteriorating because of people like you! Why don’t you work on stopping the thousands of black men killed every year due to gang violence (those black lives matter too)?

  20. EDU4all

    You know what matters? Respect, manners and education. None of which should be race-based but equality for all. Example- The purpose of brown vs wade was for that reason – education on an equal level despite race, not hate.
    That some will initiate violence if They don’t get their way is the complete opposite of every thing that history has worked so hard for to progress from. This is the greatest example of Ignorance and what is the complete opposite of that fight for equal education that the 50s to 60s truly represented.
    Learn from the past, educate yourself, gain knowledge and manners.
    It’s the greatest direction and mentor for the future of real change.
    Ask yourself why did you truly hate that lady? Does she not have the same importance task as you (aka kids, meetings, etc.)? It’s a common ground that you both would be pissed, had you been in each other’s shoes, But lack of education, manners, and respect turned it into an ignorance issue.

    Every human life matters: black lives matter, so do Mexican, Iranian, Canadian, and surprise!! any American. To clarify for the uneducated, those living in the U.S. Despite your race or ethnicity — is the potluck of what makes America great. God bless a country that even gives you the right to fight, as ignorant as it may be.


  21. David Cook

    Maybe if you really cared about the blacklivesmattter movement, you would go where they are really dying – north city. Why don’t you go protest on natural bridge and grand about the black people getting killed there at an alarming rate, instead of protesting police who was defending himself.

  22. Anonymous

    you are vile ignorant and out right ridiculous to think blocking high ways or rioadways is the answer. Get over yourself righteous BULL!! Your delay killed a person in an ambulance you should be charged with manslaughter and lawlessness. #stupidisAsStupidDoes Grow the Freak Up you ignorant Protesticles

      1. Big Peter

        George, you called someone a “name”. Shame shame, I know your name. I’ve killed many in war. I sleep like a baby. It appears to be getting the same way here as it was over there. Run over some moron? No problem!!

  23. Anonymous

    You do realize that all this time and energy COULD be used in a direction of making a difference in lives of children solving problems at the root. There will always be crazy situations where bad things happen I for the most part trust our system enough to let them, the people who have the power to handle that situation on that level do their job (the officials WE elect ) In the mean time I have the power to do my ground work every day to try and lessen the likleyhood of any youth (eventually adult ) put themselves in dangerous situations that happen EVERYDAY. The real issues that we deal with every day. Not the random act of one in a million. As i watch my kid cry for her father that is in federal prison for selling drugs starting as a child to support himself, having a crack addicted mother. endless stores like that so many loved ones dead or in prison white and black. as i help lift broken spirits of kids out he trying to make it not knowing any other way figuring out their wrongs when it’s too late. Some never do. Some the hate and Senselessness is so deeply imbedded that it won’t be reversed. But with every mind you ingrain love as strength is one step closer to a real solution. That’s the war i strap up to fight. Build up song kids that respect the law know not to get out of line and build strong kids that will have good judgment when they eventually put on that uniform. We are going going through ISIS type shit y’all. So many lives DREAM of having the security we have. So many dream of having an opportunity to make a difference daily as we do without the reprocussion of being disfigured for life or decapitated in the street. Smh. Not trying to put anyone down just wish more people understood where their strength lies.

  24. Anonymous

    Sad the young man died but it wasn’t senseless MB attacked a cop you attack a cop you get shot end of story.
    Why don’t you complain about the blacks killing other blackss

    1. George Lenard

      Now that is the question, isn’t it? (Let’s set aside the fact you are overgeneralizing, as millions of black people are doing great with their lives.) My answer is that black failure is a function of systemic racism and oppression throughout history, which continues to this day in many, many forms, including racial profiling in traffic stops, systematic removal of industry from urban cores, underfunding of public education for black districts, and, above all, housing segregation that is not voluntary but a result of policies imposed by financial institutions, government, the real estate industry and others.

      Obviously this is not the place for a complete answer, since books have been written. In the event you wish to learn more, you might start with the book, “The New Jim Crow” and the article in the Atlantic online, “The Case for Reparations” (which contains much important undisputed history before reaching the controversial issue featured in the title).

  25. Against this

    This letter pisses me off and I give the protesters even less support than I did before. I would have driven threw that line too. Peaceful protesting doesn’t stop others from doing things. Blocking a highway is against the law and everyone should have been arrested as they were. Why do you think you are above the law to protest? The whole MB thing is wrong. You picked the wrong case to make an example. I know there is a lot of bad things that go on and it needs to change, but that case was the wrong one. Choose wisely and more will support you. Choose wrong and you will have more against you than you planned.

    1. George Lenard

      Protesters engaging in civil disobedience do not think they are “above the law.” They understand they are subject to it and that unlawful conduct will have legal consequences but believe the resulting publicity is worth it.

  26. YouKnowWhoIAm

    I’m confused, angry lady.

    When law-abiding citizens faced you on HW I-70, I was anxiously anticipating the arrest of you and your fellow protesters. You have screamed, rioted, and destroyed lives in the Ferguson community for over a year now. You all think the law has no sway over your actions and that you are impervious to arrest and prosecution. You screech: “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” I admit I snicker everytime you all say it. I, and others, know this is a categorical lie on your part. If black lives truly mattered, the movement would encompass black on black crime, fighting to rid neighborhoods of drugs, gangs, and illegal guns. If black lives truly mattered, all those mothers’ tears over their innocent children being gunned down by so-called adults would not be shed in vain. If black lives truly mattered, police violence would be seen as a proportional response to the illicit, often violent, criminal behavior of those for whom no human life has value.

    As friends and I continued to watch you stand on the highway, we mocked you and flipped you the bird, which is frankly understandable. We are entitled to vent our anger. After all, we were expressing our anger about the movement lies of police brutality being the root cause of the problems in black lives right before our eyes. You flaunt dead criminals as if they are canonized saints. In reality, like social justice warrior Kevin Sutherland, who was brutally stabbed to death on the DC Metro, these violent felons could care less about the politics of a victim. They don’t make it routine to ask if victims support Black Lives Matter before robbing, beating, and/or killing them. Rather, more often than not, and I know the raw crime data disrupts your narrative, blacks kill blacks in record numbers, far outpacing any other race.
    And don’t misunderstand me, I get that you believe dead criminals should matter to us all. The reality is, they don’t. Average Americans may not have known about what you call “white supremacy” and “systemic police brutality” before Michael Brown was foolish enough to do his Tupac Shakur impression on Darren Wilson. Understand this: Americans now see the violence increasing daily in urban areas around the country. Americans see this tiny portion of far-left domestic terrorists trying to force their agenda to center stage in U.S. politics. More importantly, they see police, their defenders, the keepers of their peace, the fighters of ghetto crime under fire from the very criminals they seek to bring to justice. Americans see riots, arson, gunfire, attacks on news media and law-abiding citizens. They see the attacks on ALL fundamental liberties of ALL citizens, while a select few throw public temper tantrums and impinge on their rights.

    We are glad you understand our time is valuable and you know people had places to be. It’s just that your dead criminals aren’t the only thing of value. They seriously aren’t. In fact, because of life choices they made of their own free will, we see their lives as less productive and valuable than ours as we go through life obeying laws and building lives free of violent crime. What really struck us about you was the certainty that you deserved to inconvenience law-abiding citizens. You acted so entitled to go about your business without delay. You could not see past anything other than what mattered to you in that moment. You were clearly unhinged that you weren’t getting your way. I can see where you would find people not caring about lives and/or deaths of criminals as unbelievable and unfair. Murders, rapes, robberies, beatings, businesses looted and burnt out, law enforcment under seige from those who would just as soon kill them as look at them. We cannot stand your movement. The nerve of some people!

    Do you act this way when a drug lord’s 7 year-old is killed in broad daylight and he refuses to cooperate with investigators? Do you feel bad when people like Kevin Sutherland are killed on a Metro car full of people too terrified of being the next victim to help him? Senseless death should make you feel bad. When you are at the movies or reading a great book, do you cheer when the criminals get away with their heinous crimes? I bet you don’t cheer when law enforcement succeeds in keeping the terrorized safe. Why can you celebrate the criminal in fiction and real life but not feel for law-abiding human beings who have done nothing to merits crimes committed against them? I DO know you are overtly racist. I do know that you are pissed off and frustrated as hell. Do you think we care if any of the protesters get run over? You chose to put your bodies on the line and to knowingly break existing laws with zero regard for anyone but yourselves. Now I, and others, are supposed to care? I assure you that will never be the case. You knew the risk. You knew you would be arrested, but you thought bringing awareness to black people dying in police custody was worth it. It isn’t. The vastly overwhelming majority of Americans do not accept your narrative. We prefer our criminals to be imprisoned, or if their actions so merit, dead. That core belief of Americans is what you fail to comprehend. I know you do not agree, and we will continue to drive our cars through a wall of domestic terrorists because trying to force a nation into submission to your beliefs is not the answer. If you are truly people of conscience, try addressing the core element of dead criminals, they make the choices that get them dead 99.96% of the time.

    P.S. Dear people who have said, or believe, that protesters have the right to do whatever they want, whenever they want, with zero legal consequence: Stop being awful human beings. You suggest that crime, violence, and anarchy is a fair response to faulty perceptions of “White oppression.” You are no doubt bloviating, but really think about what you are saying. I know I’m not going to change your opinion, but we will no longer meet your bullying with silence.

    It works both ways.

    1. George Lenard

      You say “We prefer our criminals to be imprisoned, or if their actions so merit, dead.” That is the mentality that justified lynchings. You ignore the presumption of innocence and the right to due process, as you imply it is fine for cops to be judge, jury, and executioner, as they determine on the spot that someone is “a criminal” and whether their actions merit death. Or do I misunderstand you?

  27. Anonymous

    Go away Ferghanistan you are fucking drunk. No one cares about black lives because they are truly worthless to blacks. Wanna make a point, fix black on black crime then talk to the nation!

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe you should handle white on white crime… Wasn’t there yet another theater shooting committed by a white person (the 3rd or 4th in a few months) against white people… But yea, black on black crime is the only concerning matter here right?

    2. George Lenard

      “black lives . . . are truly worthless to blacks” because of “black on black crime”? You imply the word “all” when you refer to a phenomenon involving a very small portion of the black population. The truth is some “black lives . . . are truly worthless to [some] blacks.” Just as some white lives are truly worthless to some whites.

  28. L2011

    Are you really that stupid???? How are you comparing you breaking the law and blocking traffic to an accident or normal traffic???? It has nothing to do with the other….and for you to even imply that just shows you don’t even know what you’re out there breaking the law for….IDIOTS

      1. Anonymous

        law gives way huh?…well then it shouldnt matter if the people in the cars are willing to drive right through your little protest..the people stuck in that damn traffic jam were having their rights to go about their day taken away by idiotic protesters who think standing in the middle of a road is going to change the ways of the police, or the elite in charge who give the police/politicians their power..standing in the roads and holding up traffic doesnt solve any problems, it just creates more, and causes some who may support your movement to start going against you.

        1. Impyatee

          Except then the drivers would then be violating rights through vehicular homicide. So it does matter. Tell me, where do you read in the constitution there’s a “right not to be delayed”? At the very least, that right doesn’t supersede the protesters’ rights to life and limb, or Black arrestees same rights. So, I’m afraid your passive-aggressive fantasy is utterly and totally wrong. Not only that, I think you know it, you’re just too cynical to espouse anything like that.

          I’m thinking the people who go against the protesters because of rush hour inconvenience would never be on there side anyway. So we’re supposed to attract allies from people who say “All lives matter but not enough for me to be inconvenienced over rush hour?” Sorry, anyone so morally lost is never going to be an ally of the protesters. Period. The police kill over a thousand people a year, 4/5ths of them Black. That’s documented now. No other police force in the civilized world does anything like that. I’d say blocking traffic to draw attention to that is appropriate.

          Would there be a United States if people at that Tea Party thought of the inconvenience they were creating (not to mention the property rights they were violating)? In every way you could name, that was much more flagrant violation of law than what the protesters did. You see, the colonists rights were being violated so they figured the law had to give way, because rights are a higher law.

    1. George Lenard

      Are you really that stupid, L2011? Of course, there is a difference in how the tie-up originated. But the point is the effect is the same. People put up with this from time to time if they drive freeways at rush hour. Period. So don’t make it a bigger deal in terms of your inconvenience just because it was a protest. Disagree with the protest purpose all you like, but acknowledge, this was just like any other bad traffic day on the highways..

  29. Trish Dennison

    If you are truly concerned about other peoples lives, what about the potential fro innocent people who may be on the way to the hospital in a ambulance, or other emergency vehicles that might get held up and cause someone’s house to burn down, the list of possibilities is endless. The BLM message has been lost because you cannot expect people to respond well to being bullied into opening their eyes to possibly seeing things differently. The louder you scream, the less people hear you. Legally, she had every right to be on that highway, you did not, she did not PLOW through the line, she eased. You claim that her being injured was not by design, yet everywhere the protesters show up, there is some kind of assault, or altercation. America was cheering at the sight of someone finally having the guts to not sit and take the bullying that this movement has been dishing out for a year now. Open your eyes and see that you cannot FORCE your way into someones heart, or DEMAND that you get your way. I’m thinking you will see more and more people stand up and say ENOUGH!

    1. Susan Clark

      Oh Trish. How quick you are! You did notice, did you not, that the road being blocked was between two counties? Guess what? Not a lot of first responders go over the Blanchette Bridge at rush hour. Emergency vehicles in St. Charles county respond there. Emergency vehicles in St. Louis county respond there. Oh, and the shoulders of the road were open, too. Miracle of miracles, the plan worked.

      Now, as for the everywhere the protesters showing up there is an assault or altercation, that is factually untrue. What is true is when you show up there are altercations and your friends have assaulted protesters. But keep on coming. You are as free to speak out as we are.

      1. L2011

        Oh Susan!! How quick you are to be an Idiot too… say no emergency vehicles drive that road is an Idiotic thing to say to try and justify you and all the other domestic terrorist to BREAK the law and think it’s okay.

        1. Impyatee

          What’s really the idiot thing, L2011 (are you an AI?) is that you have no counterargument. Unless there’s a five alarm fire or Jumbo Jet crash, the emergency vehicles are not going to cross county lines. Period. Even if they did, the protesters left the shoulders open.

        2. Kathy Kitrel

          Susan, you have a very small narrow view of struggle. My son lives with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy. I live in St.Peters, where I grew up. People who have seizures can die suddenly and unexpectedly and in my son’s case he requires the care of not just a neurologist, but an epileptologist. When my son seizes and we can not get it to stop at home with rescue medications we call 911 and he is taken to Missouri-Baptist. So, yes, ambulances do take HWY 70. But I guess my son’s life does not “MATTER”.

          1. Jennifer McCoy

            Are we really comparing the lives of folks with epilepsy to black people dying in police custody? Your leaps of logic are breathtaking in their petty scope. No one is saying your son’s life doesn’t matter. I feel qualified to jump in here because my 11YO has had epilepsy from birth. We deal with the threat of seizures constantly. The unexpected nature of life requires us all to prepare for the inevitable occurrence of delay. It is beyond obnoxious and disingenuous to compare “what if” scenarios with ACTUAL INSTITUTIONALIZED BLACK DEATH. What if someone needed their inhaler? What if a diabetic needed food? What if a husband was meeting his wife at Dave & Busters for their anniversary? We are not making up scenarios. We are responding to an epidemic.

            1. Arch Angel

              The amount of stupid in this article is astonishing. 5 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. Now go burn down a store and destroy a community with the bullshit cop out called “Black Lives Matter”.

              PANTS UP DON’T LOOT!

              1. George Lenard

                Seriously? You’re boo-hooing over “five minutes of your life”? You have any concept of all the minutes, hours, days, and lives taken by racist policing? The inconvenience of the delays you and others suffered in this action symbolizes the delays black people suffer from “driving while black” traffic stops, among other things. By the way, I am quite certain none of the people involved in this action have ever engaged in looting!

                  1. Anonymous

                    only black can kill black ..everything else is racist. black is special do as we say not as we do… for driving through your road block I would do it at 55mph you are in the road where you should not be.
                    all lives matter …

              2. Anonymous

                All lives matter. If you really cared about the black lives you would talk to them about killing themselves at a much higher rate then the police.the problemis that the ones that get shot pull guns on cops and come in 2nd place for the
                quick DrawContest 2nd place gives you nothing but a body bag Stop protesting. Blocking Highway s and you won’t get hit if you did that where I travel it would be like the frogger game for you

                1. Anonymous

                  i don’t see black lives matter protesting in Chicago where more blacks are getting shot and killed every weekend than anywhere else in the country!!

      2. Donna

        Oh, Susan. How quick you are to assume everyone believes standing in the middle of the highway has anything to do with BLM. Or, that most folks have any interest in celebrating someone like Mike Brown.

        1. Impyatee

          Oh, it has nothing to do with BLM? You have evidence of a larger conspiracy of people who just organize to block traffic just to annoy?

          The message is there will be no business as usual until egregious rights violations by the police and the courts (including murder) stop. Now how’s that such a petty thing? I think it’s about the same way the Patriots felt at the Boston Tea Party. No business as usual as long as our grievances aren’t met. Grievances being at the very least rights violation.

          Celebrating Michael Brown? Really? You have less than a clue.

          1. Paul

            Deal with the police then, not the American people. When you hold up traffic, that I a crime. You are restricting the right of movement to an individual(s). Unless a person is under arrest or being lawfully detained by a certified law enforcement officer, one does not have that right. Those doing so should be arrested and prosecuted.

            1. George Lenard

              Paul: Are you not aware that the police arrested as many as they could and held most over twelve hours? That they have indeed been charged? That they willingly took that risk in engaging in civil disobedience? That inherent in that concept is a moral, not legal, right and obligation, with the individual prepared to face legal consequences?

            2. Susan Clark

              Who do you think pays the police, Paul? They are acting in the name of their local communities. Until those communities demand reforms little will change.

              Yes, this act of civil disobedience did break laws. Those protesting were arrested. Given the prevailing attitudes in the County, they will likely be prosecuted.

              But, as long as our local communities support the criminal behavior of the police, we will continue to protest.

              1. Dolo

                BS. Michael Brown was a hoodlum. If you care so much about black lives then do something about abortion, mostly black, percentage wise, and the every night killing of each other in most of the cities .

              2. Big Peter

                Susan, don’t you and george know that “liberalism” is a sickness. It appears that you guys are at a stage 4 level of insanity. Please, for all of our sakes, get help!!!!!

      3. Matthew

        Susan, I want you know from the start I agree with Americans right to peaceful assembly. However when that assembly starts infringing on others rights, it is no longer peaceful. Those citizens traveling on the roadway have the right to do so with very minimum delay. That being said if your lines would hold traffic for say 30 mins and then let traffic flow freely for about an hour and then you go back to stopping traffic again for the prescribed 30 min. Your message might resonate a little better!

        I response is not necessary because I won’t know you did! Hey this is like being a black lives matters protester. Tell people what I want them to hear but don’t listen to them in return! Peace to us all because we are all gods children!

        1. Susan Clark

          I shall respond for those reading along, Matthew. I prefer non-violent protest as a description of what is happening to peaceful protest. Peaceful implies something a bit too comfortable.

          As for the strategy to open up traffic and then reblock it, I wish that were an option. Pretty sure the police would not stand by and allow that to happen. The protesters were on the highway for far less than an hour.

      4. RDP

        Bottom line Susan is that not only are you supporting black supremacy hate groups, but you’re also a monumental LIAR. I’ve been to the police support rally’s, and the only civil people there were the police supporters and the cops. All of your people were the most foul mouthed, ignorant, unruly, disgusting human beings I’ve ever witnessed. They do nothing but give themselves a black eye (no pun intended)

        There was even a little black kid there that was holding a sign that said “Fuck The Police” That’s what black people teach their children. And their children will grow up to be the next batch of thugs who’ll try and kill a cop, and end up in an early grave. So be it.

        And contrary to what you think, you have absolutely no right to obstruct the free movement of productive people who actually have jobs and business to conduct. Screw whatever major malfunction you’re suffering from. You’re delusional if you think your behavior is going to generate any white supporters to your cause.You’re making enemies by the the score.

        At the Clayton rally there was an older white guy who was holding one end of a banner that had the names of black people who were allegedly killed by cops. I walked up to him and asked how many of those people were killed in the commission of a crime. He didn’t have a clue. He was just another white left wing turd who had nothing better to do, much like yourself. You should be ashamed.

      5. Bob

        The BLM message is a message of hate and intolerance, it will not be heard and it will not be allowed to take place of normal decency. While you were standing on the highway blocking traffic, people in Louisiana were asking when you would show up to show them if they mattered, you did not. The more stunts you pull like this, the less tolerant the MAJORITY of this country will be, you are nothing more than a hate group funded by the same shady “white guy” that funds HiLIARy Clinton. The first police officer that was shot, took all of your relevance with him. I cannot wait until more of your blind minions get caught and the label you deserve gets placed on you, you are a Domestic Terrorist group, and one day you will be treated accordingly.

        My advice, stop your hate talk, police assaults, highway barricades, and go do something good. How about use some of that money Soros donated and push for legislation on Police reform? Maybe clean up some neighborhoods instead of burning them down, maybe pay for college for youth who dream of one day being in law enforcement so that they may make a difference?

        Your message is hate and violence, seeing the 3 letters BLM together only brings out frustration, the kind of frustration a parent feels when a toddler throws a fit in the grocery store.

        You all missed the mark and took something that could have been good and ruined it. Good job.

    2. fuckoff

      AS for as i am concerned you put yourself in danger, and it wouldnt be vehicle man… if one fears for there life. Personally I wish all the cars on the highway would taught more you morons that. You put yourself in danger and the people in the vehicles.. if they felt threaten when you came up and started with that lady I would have done same thing but I wouldnt have missed. if u dont move out of the way and i have no where to go when you start to attack me thats your dam fault so get off this dam trip. all lives matter you dam racist.

      1. Susan Clark

        Clearly all lives don’t matter if your are willing to kill people for blocking your car. You seem to think you are far more important than anyone else. You are wrong..

        1. Big Peter

          Susan, You are correct, all lives do not matter to me. If you are getting in the way of productive taxpayers.(Those people paying your way) and have nothing to offer society but riots, promises and encouragement in the killing of our own police officers. If all you know how to do is TAKE & COMPLAIN & threaten. Then, no, your life doesn’t mean S..t to me!

    3. Kit

      You’re very angry about an unlikely hypothetical. What are you really mad about? Do you have any understanding of the history and efficacy of civil disobedience?

    4. Anonymous

      Trish: “everywhere the protesters show up, there is some kind of assault, or altercation” is simply false. I have been with “the protesters” well over 25 times. The only altercation or assault I observed involved you!

    5. Frank Williford

      I agree with you, but will expand a little more, i do not take black lives matter seriously and will not untill black people stop killing other black people over shoes, which block belongs to who, who can sell what drugs where, when black people stop treating each other like less than human then maybe i will start thinking black lives matter. Sorry, but when a bunch of law breaking thugs, no matter the race get killed by police, it really dont bother me because if they wernt being stupid they would never have been put in the position to be killed by the police. Bring the hate you poor pitiful white guilt, i dont have that guilt, i never owned slaves, and there isnt a single black person alive today who ever picked cotton for a master. You want respect, give respect and dont act like someone owes you anything but what you work for. Sorry, but what gives you the idea that your life is more important than mine, or that your wants are more important than my needs. Simply put, the letter above is nothing more than an attempt to slather on more white guilt onto people who should not feel any at all. The sad thing is, personally i believe if you are playing in traffic and i have to get somewhere, then your injuries are on you, and if you try to attack me for continuing on my way, then i have the legal and morall right to defend me and mine, because as much as you people (of all races) dont understand is ALL LIVES MATTER, up to the point you threaten mine, then yours matters not in the least.

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