Biltmore Estate with family

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 5

Grove Park Inn n Asheville NC are as beautiful as I recall from a business trip once. More bohemian. Last time I was at The Inn I stumbled upon a ballroom dancing contest in the banquet rooms. Was totally mesmerized by the outrageous pageantry. Like JonBenet Ramsey, but adult n holding lottery tickets. Long b4 Dancing w/ The Stars. Bought earrings n downtown shop that also sold “boobs pasta”. At least there’s one product Susan G. Komen isn’t pink-washing! Let kids swim until my toenail polish dried. Seemed fair. Met sad hippie at Mellow Mushroom Pizza who sat in our waitress’s station purposely b/c she looked like his ex-Turkish girlfriend. We were pale substitute. Ro lamented that we got soaked by rain on mad dash from pool to hotel. Couldn’t shake thought that my life is full of 1st world problems. ( 3rd world problems= I don’t have enough to eat, someone is trying to kill me. 1st world problems= my children have to WAIT turns to use my cancer iPad in car.


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