Stacation from kids

Stacation From Kids

Stacation From Kids: I Have Been Naked For Days

Ever since I exported the kids to their grandparents for the Independence holiday I have been walking around my house naked constantly. I haven’t made a meal that wasn’t for myself in days, and sometimes, gasp, I even skip a meal. Neither my husband nor my cat has screamed “MOM!” to me at all. “MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMM!” hasn’t been said for days. I’ve gone to the bathroom by myself, every single time. If I had showered, it would have been by myself too, and I wouldn’t have been asked one single question after I put shampoo in my hair. No one has given me a surly look after I serve them broccoli or lamented that they don’t like pineapple.

Stacation from kids is so necessary. No one has refused to drink milk that they drank just yesterday without comment. No one has argued with me about things over which I clearly have superior knowledge, like how old I am. No one has asked me to mediate an argument. I’ve heard no mocking. It’s all mock-free at my house of late. My iphone remains in my purse where I can find it. When I reach for my iPad, it actually has battery life. When I turn on the television, The Suite Life of Zac and Cody isn’t the last viewed item. No one has moaned about how bored they are in days. The most over-used phrase for the summer, “Can we order pizza?” hasn’t been uttered for going on 72 hours.

On the flip-side, Devlin hasn’t put his face to mine and proclaimed, “You are my favorite person!”

Blair hasn’t demanded four minutes of “huggles” in the morning before she will get dressed.

Rowan hasn’t asked to spend time just with me.


Stacation from kids


They will always be my babies.

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  1. bookwyrm217

    It’s always nice when they are gone, but it gets boring quick, doesn’t it? I guess it’s hard to have the best of both worlds.

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