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A Literary Agent Doesn’t Think I Suck

I signed with a Literary Agent today with respect to the book I’ve written. (recall that the book is not about about cancer, to which I have been only recently introduced, nor, sadly, about my boobs which have not previously been in the news). I thought about writing a draft of this blog post before the ink was dry on the Agency Agreement. It seemed ill-advised, like writing an acceptance speech for a prestigious “Employee of the Month” award to which I was nominated or a serendipitous “Attendance Award”. What if I don’t win?! What if I mention my good fortune to friends and it doesn’t go through? I will look like a fool! What if I get the stomach flu tomorrow and miss class thwarting all the spotlight I would have otherwise gotten by pristine attendance? My cockiness and conceit would be to blame.Through a combination of uncharacteristic restraint and patience, I can now say with full conviction: I have an agent. Lissenden Literary Agency. Hilary has been in the editing and project management business for fifteen years, graduated from Cambridge University and is a published Poetess and Writer (she’s really talented). I was a little anxious about signing with someone located in England but Hilary was highly recommended by a good friend, Bridget, also a Writer and a Solicitor in London. Then I thought, how could I be afraid of a Poetess? It’s like being afraid of mimes. Clowns are scary, but mimes? Another frig magnet comes to mind which you’ve no doubt seen: “Can’t sleep. Clowns will eat me”. Though some may argue that mimes are a subcategory of clowns, I strongly disagree. No one gets accosted by mimes nor do mimes stuff themselves dangerously into tiny cars. Hilary is also a boxer, though. Someone believes in my work!
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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome news about the agent. Also, I’m bringin you our copy of the movie Euro Trip so you can fully appreciate the horror of mimes.
    Jill Nissen

  2. ev

    The Spawn has that t-shirt. She was wearing it one day when we went somewhere unknowingly and there was a clown. Hilarity (for us, anyway) ensued.

    Congratulations. A nice way to start the holiday season off.

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