What’s Your Parenting Style?

Parenting Style

What is your parenting style? Which kind of parent are you? Are you permissive or punitive? Are you egalitarian or authoritarian? Are you uncomfortable discussing certain topics with your children? Because I don’t find many topics I’m uncomfortable talking to my kids with. Poor dears. My husband thinks I’m going to make their little heads explode some day by giving them too much information. I just can’t seem to help myself.
Out of the blue, my eleven year old asked me in the car if I’d ever been to “a club”.”A dance club?”, I inquired.”Uh, yes.”

“Well, sure. I’ve been to many dance clubs. I like to go dancing.”

“What about the other kind of club?”

Puzzled, I asked her, “A comedy club? Social club? Country club? Book club? Golf club? What do you mean by an ‘other’ club?”

“You know. The kind where they take off their clothes.”

“Oh! You mean a strip club!” I perked up.

“Yeah, I guess. Have you ever been to one of those?”

“Um, yes?”

Fully disgusted, she finally managed, “Why?”

“Well, I’ve never had a shorter line for the restroom in my entire life.”

I’m not sure honesty is always the best policy. Unfortunately, this eureka doesn’t always occur to me until after I’ve already run my mouth.

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