Resolutions 2012: Luche Libre

Resolutions 2012

I have set New Year’s goals as far back as I can remember. In 2000, I started keeping my annual goals in a small spiral notepad with a picture of Mexican wrestler Fuerza Guerrera on the front. Talk about motivating!
Who would have the temerity not to reach their goals with Fuerza’s imposing mask staring you down every year? Apparently, me. I’m disgusted to admit that I have been trying to lose the same 6-8 pounds for over a decade. You may have been too. Even cancer didn’t change that goal. I could feel really good about myself if I routinely put “become unemployed” or “go on the dole” as a goal every few years. “Increase hormone-induced yelling at children”, “be overly harsh about own shortcomings”, or “become irrationally enraged when electronics don’t function as expected” would be totally attainable every year.
I note that the first time “write novel” came into Fuerza’s consciousness was 2002. It only took me 5 years to start, three years to put it down and then a year to finish. I’m not really chastising myself about taking so long to work on that goal because there was a lot going on during that time but I’m pissed I haven’t accomplished my goals to visit France or New Zealand yet. I smell girl trip to visit the Kiwis! And I even have a free place to stay in France with pal Bridget. I’ve accomplished other goals I never put down on paper, though. After my whirlwind summer road trip with the kids this summer, I am now three states away from getting all fifty states under my belt. I lack only Oregon, S. Carolina and N. Dakota.

I’m still reeling from having written a novel. I can’t recall when something has captivated my attention like this when it only had to do with me. (i.e. birthing babies doesn’t count or getting married, however many times that happens). Finishing a really tough contract negotiation or getting through the corporate work day without someone calling me a douche bag just doesn’t have the same sense of accomplishment.

Resolutions 2012

As usual, I am looking forward to setting a whole new set of goals for 2012. If 2012 turns out to be one of the best years yet, I will have only myself to blame. I love this time of year. New beginnings.

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