Simplest Toys Are Best

Simplest Toys are Best: Proof We Are All Just Savages

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last blog post. I feel like I’ve been on a desert island for a month! We’ve had company in town. Fourteen folks from three different tribes to be exact. That is in addition to the five in my family. I, for one, had a absolute blast. My neighbor pointed out that I seem to be a glutton for punishment by having so many guests at the same time. That may be so, but we have a strict open door policy when it comes to guests. It was a gluttonous over-indulgence of food and company.I don’t know why I like to inventory stats on events, but suffice it to say we had two instances of bleeding (kindly, no E.R. visits), one broken car episode which ended up being okay, but a pain in the ass. Let us learn this lesson for you: ALL of BP’s gas nozzles are diesel-green, but not all their gas is diesel. This is helpful information when inadvertently putting unleaded into a diesel-only car. Spoiler alert: putting the wrong kind of gas in your car is really, really not recommended. One evening with an obnoxious drunkard. Several mother hens. Two grandparents. Four teenage boys. Two pre-teen girls. Four kids.And why is it, with this diversity of children, that two simple toys captivated their attention? Three if you count the poor, overly-stimulated kitty. I would argue that kittens are a draw in any crowd, though. I could never have predicted the kids’ interest in the other two items of combat: Bamboo and army figurines. The kids took machetes and cut warrior sticks of my neighbor’s invading bamboo plants and played for hours. The real captivator was the $1 sack of patriotic plastic army men. They were an impulse-purchase from Target to serve as table decor. Little did I know they would also make fucking awesome kitty toys. Katniss has batted those soldiers all over my stinkin’ house. I can’t wait to step on one during a nocturnal bathroom run.

simple toys are best
The simplest toys are always the best. They even won out over the children’s various electronic phones, games and the Wii. Happy Independence Day! I survived the Invasion of Guests!
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  1. ev

    I’m glad it wasn’t me- I thought i had missed a whole crapload of blogs. But it was only one. I can deal. And I want the Army Men. Now.

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