The Wrong Words In The Wrong Way

Today, The Cathedral Basilica celebrated Red Mass. I kept wanting to call it Sunday Bloody Sunday, having grown up listening to U2. I didn’t know what Red Mass was either, but as it turns out, it is a mass celebrated annually before the Supreme Court’s October term in which judges, attorneys and government officials are invited to reflect on what Catholics believe is the responsibility of those in the legal profession. It is a divisive event as reflected by the stark contrast between these two articles:

I understand from reading the above articles that the archbishop presiding over the Red Mass in Washington did not mention any hot button issues. Though not saying the words “pro-life” or “abortion” or “same-sex marriage”, the themes were thick in the air at Cathedral Basilica. We piled into the packed church unawares of what the homily would hold and sat in pews not far from the front. My focus in church, for better or worse, is to attempt to keep my son with autism contained. He is getting better at keeping quiet and not punching nuns in the back (I am totally not kidding), but I mention this to illustrate that my attention is divided in church when we go.

I should be happy that I got the message this time because it was loud and clear that the Bishop was addressing the men and women in the reserved pews from the legal and governmental community. Do Scientologists invite local politicians to tell them about L. Ron Hubbard? I am a proponent of listening to both sides discuss their views in a civil and respectful manner, but I have to say that I am uncomfortable with anyone telling me  how I should vote. I get espousing moral doctrine is the point of church, but I still understood that we were to each think and decide for ourselves. You know, that concept of separation of church and state? It is to guarantee an atmosphere of absolute religious liberty.

Then when I didn’t think the service could get any stranger, or make me more uncomfortable or bewildered, who should we spy sitting a few pews in front of us? Todd freakin Akin. In the flesh. Legitimately. We should have ways to shut that whole thing down. Why can’t we all just love each other?

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  1. Don

    I punched a nun this weekend…really smacked her — back and shins. And, I LOVED it!!! Totally recommend it to everyone. Dev is on to something there. goddes, I love that kid!

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