This Has to be a Famous Bloke

Who is this Famous Bloke?

My college friend, Ann, has never met a stranger. Never. Walking around with her on vacation is always an interesting excursion. She would unabashedly talk to anyone with a mouth. Shop owners, waiters, business acquaintances, the hotel staff, toddlers, puppies, the President of Novartis Pharmaceutical, whoever. Sometimes it can be tedious. Stop talking to the perfume rep, Ann! She’s going to try to talk you into a $150 bottle of perfume you don’t need. No, we do not need a time share property! And then there are times when her natural chattiness is pure gold. Take this bloke.
2012-05-19 rocker w doll
We have no idea who this is, but he simply has to be someone famous. Ann said something to him as we strolled around the hotel property. You know how you open up a little bit, and the other person opens up WAY TOO MUCH? He was even more of an open book than Ann. The baby he’s holding is an actual real baby, though she looks like a doll. Her name is Lavender and she was born on April 4th, the same day Unidentified Rocker Dude’s beloved grandfather died. Unidentified Rocker Dude told us of his four year old daughter he’s never met who lives in Ohio. He also advised us of his philosophy on addiction, which, if I caught it correctly through his thick British accent, is that we’re all addicts in our own way. I was a little distracted because I couldn’t see his eyes and the safety pins holding his shirt together were mesmerizing. He did let me take his photo, which I thought was very sporting of him. He had to cut our conversation “short” after five minutes because Lavender needed her mama. This guy didn’t look like you should leave him in charge of a goldfish, let alone a baby. He actually handled her quite deftly. Proof that looks can be deceiving.
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