Westboro Baptist Church: We’re all going to hell

Westboro Baptist Church can suck my nuts. Or someone’s nuts. They are picketing in front of Clayton High School Monday morning “to warn the children of Clayton High School to flee the wrath to come! The children of this generation have been taught to believe that God is a liar: God loves everyone, it’s okay to be gay, divorce & remarriage is fine, premarital/extramarital sex is acceptable, etc. You’ve taught your daughters to be whores and your sons to be fags. We will be there to warn them to repent or perish.”

I shudder to know what they could mean by use of the word “etc.”

In honor of this momentous occasion, several friends and I supported the gay community by catching the Miss Gay St. Louis Pageant Saturday Night. Congratulations to Kirsten Dubo!

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